Thursday, March 17, 2011

{Hey there Dumbo}

Fly Fly Away!
Yup - that's me!
{or maybe Yoda is more fitting?}

I'm sure you've all heard of the blog Love Stitched!
Brittany is amazing - she's funny, honest & beautiful!
and today she had a funny post about her "tiny ears" ...
and it really brought back some memories!

Little ears have NEVER been my problem!
In fact - I have the opposite problem.
My ears stick out!
You don't have to try and make me feel better by saying, 
"oh no they don't, they are perfect".
They stick out. They do! I've accepted it! :)
I'm the big eared girl.  
As a kid my grandfather called me Dumbo ...

in fact - he often told everyone to make sure the fans were off and the windows closed, so that I wouldn't fly away! :)
Nice, huh?
Thanks Grandpa! 
{Gotta love that German honesty}

My dad preferred Yoda ...

{May the force be with me, right?}
Well these nicknames gave me a complex ...
and I adopted a {cousin it} like hairdo for much of my younger school days.
I would have NEVER worn my hair in a pony tail. 

No way Jose.

and at night -- well, that's when it just got ridiculous!
I would duct tape them to my head ...
just praying that when I woke up -
they would be stuck to my head! ;) 

Luckily, my mom gave me the self-confidence of a super model.
In her words --
"If you didn't have big ears, you'd be perfect. and no one is perfect".
Thanks mom!

I took that to heart and ran with it ....
pony tails are now my best friends!

Yoda or Dumbo -- I'm me! 
and I'm ok with it! 

What about you??
Do have a funny or embarrassing nickname from your childhood?



  1. Hi! New follower hopping from Keepin' Company Thursday. Cute wee one! :-)

  2. First, I've honestly never noticed {even if you've come to terms with it!} and I've seen your hair in a pony tail, and down...

    Second, nothing will ever beat "Possum." I mean, it isn't quite EMBARASSING, but it is odd. I used to pretent to be asleep in the morning at daycare drop off time hoping my dad would forget I was there and take me with him. So, because the possum sleeps during the day, Dad calls me Possum to this day {even though they're gross, ugly, and don't really serve a purpose other than road kill...}

  3. LOL What a cute post! I used to get "Chatty Kathy" (based on the doll) because I loved to talk. Didn't like that one much.
    When I was teenager a couple guys started calling me "Stark-naked" as in "I'd like to see you stark-naked". I liked THAT one even less! :/ It was a play on my last name.
    I found you from Boost My Blog Friday.
    New follower...would love if you would stop by and say hi back! :)

  4. LOVE your honesty!! thanks for posting...I am linking it to my FB page...hope you don't mind ;)

  5. Cute, following you now, please follow back at


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