Friday, March 25, 2011

{Random Thoughts}

I've been a busy little bee around here!
ok so most of my house is still a disaster ...  
but my car is clean & organized - pics coming soon.
and my craft room is still considerably neat 
(esp. considering how much crafting I've accomplished) 

See? Still Neat. The hubs is SOO impressed.
I even catch him walking by and opening the door to take a peak!!

I've turned several long sleeve shirts into shirts perfect for summer.
Tutorial coming soon!

I'm working on Easter outfits.
{because we MUST coordinate perfectly}
and bow ties are SUPER fun to sew! :) 

I made a dress -- tutorial coming soon.

 There is also a MAJOR baby Boom going on, 
{lots of winter romancing apparently}
and I've been sewing more baby gifts than I can count! 

but here are a few of my faves --

This one is for a very special little Texan!

oh and preppy John Deere fabric?
Perfect for some country folk I know! ;)

Super Soft Minky Blankets & Taggies make an 
awesome addition to any gift!

oh and I finally got to sew some ruffles!!
for a sweet little girly girl!

oh - and today at Michael's I saw these vintage Carnival things in the dollar bin.
and I had to have them.  

 so it looks like one of the monkey boys will be 
having a circus themed party next year.
Am I the only one that does this stuff? 
Seriously - look how cute they are. and $1. I 
Am I hoarder? Oh dear, sign me up for the show! 

Oh - and of course I played with this little monkey!

So this weekend --
we're taking it easy!
The hubs has lots of studying - 
and we're leaving for a 2 week trip on Wednesday!

Happy weekend!  



  1. Oh wow. Look at you go. I was just thinking while putting my girls to bed how do I find the time to do so much and I still don't get done everything I want to. Yikes. Good for you and Happy weekend to you!

  2. I checked your etsy shop for the Texas shirt. No luck. :( Do you take custom orders?

    Emily from Nap Time Is My Time

  3. LOVE the vintage carnival stuff..I wouldn't be able to pass it up either! We had a [not vintage] carnival/circus themed party for my son when he turned 4. Bouncy house, popcorn maker, snow cones, big top cake and clown/animal/and popcorn cupcakes. Such a fun theme!

    Heather @ A Table for One, Please

  4. Okay, your son is adorable, you are super talented with a sewing machine, and I can totally relate on having one very organized room while most of my house is a bit chaotic! He he. I found you on the Mom Blog Monday hop and I am so glad I did! One of my goals for the year is to learn to sew, so I am excited to read your tutorial posts too. :)

  5. Crazy! New follower. I love the JD stuff! Totally gonna check out your etsy!


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