Tuesday, March 22, 2011

{Ruffle Embellished Tee}

I love clothes and fashion and all things preppy!
{duh - i'm the preppy mom!}
Ann Taylor Loft and JCrew are two of my favorites!
but I don't always love the price tags ...
(and the hubs NEVER loves the price tag! haha)

I've seen tons of amazing DIY shirts out there in blogland --
They find these $3 shirts & make them look like $50! :)
Welcome to the Good Life is one of my favorites!
She is amazing!!
and I really wanted to give embellishment a go!

so for my first try -- 
{I think it turned out pretty cute!}
(excuse the HORRIBLE lighting)

I found these two shirts on clearance at Target.
I think they were $3-$4.

I bought one large shirt (I normally wear a M, but I'm pregnant so I went up a size).
and then I bought one XL - just for more fabric! :)

 1. Take your XL shirt and begin cutting strips. First cut off the hem. Then I cut my strips about 3.5" inches wide. I used a rotary cutter to cut through both the front and back so that I had a tube of fabric.

 I cut three strips. (I'll save the rest for another project)

Now this is where I went slack on the pictures!
The camera & supplies were in one room and the sewing machine in the other...
But I'll tell you what did.
Take your strip and cut the tube on one side
(so that you have one long strip)
Then fold it in half - hotdog style.

Now it's time to sew.
Sew a basting stitch (loose stitch) on the unfinished ends.
I set my machine on highest tension and longest stitch.
This created a nice ruffle.
If yours doesn't ruffle, just gently pull the stop string to create more gathers.
This is what one of the strips will look like when you are done ...
(did that make any sense? Tutorials are NOT my thing!}

Once you've ruffled all three strips, begin pinning them in place.
This is all trial and error my friends.

Make sure you try your shirt on before you sew....
I thought this was the design I wanted - until I tried it on.
and then it hit the girls really awkward -
like a giant cyclops ruffle boob. 
not cute. not at all.

So I switched it up a little! :)
Here's the final result!!

Oh and do you see the Ruched sides?
Since I bought a size larger than I normally wear -
this made it more fitted and perfect for my growing belly! 

This was my first time sewing with knit.
It can be tricky -- but I just set my stitch to 4.0.
That seemed to work perfectly!
Go slowly and make sure it doesn't pull.
It's not perfect, not even close but I LOVE it!
I can't wait to grow into it. :)
yayyy new baby boy!!

So what do you think?
Did I achieve my Preppy Look on a Poor Man's budget?


  1. This is adorable!! I never thought to do that on the sides of a shirt! I'm always in between sizes!

    I'm your newest follower!

  2. Hey there! New follower from Welcome Wednesday :)


  3. Love your blog!
    Hiya! Newest follower from the Wednesday Welcome Hop-- please stop by and say hello! Would love if ya followed back!

  4. LOVE it Whit-Dogg! Super cute!

  5. Your shirt turned out very cute! Im also a Navy wife :) Im stopping by from the blog hop!

    Jennifer @ www.thethriftymilitarywife.com

  6. Stopping by from the Welcome Wednesday blog hop to say hi. I love this idea! What a cool idea. I'm definitely going to have to try this out soon. Thanks for the tutorial, it looks amazing!

    Have a great day!

  7. That is so cute! I love the ruching idea too!

  8. You did a fantastic job-super cute(and very preppy!) And I totally followed your tutorial, going to have to give it a try.

    Thanks for linking-

  9. Hello I found you on monday blog hop. My name is Naomi and I'm hosting a giveaway and a Happy Monday blog hop,please stop by when you have a chance. I 'm very excited to follow you!!
    Your blog is amazing

  10. That is so so cute, love what you did with it! Thanks for linking to Fabric Tuesday :)


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