Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Thank You. {Notes.}

Have you guys heard of the Thank You Note Project?
It's really amazing!!
(but I'll let Allison tell you more about it)
The Thank You Note Project is my experiment in living this year more meaningfully, more impactfully, and more appreciatively.  I have set a goal for myself to send one thank you note every day to a person who has touched me in some way.  I truly believe in the power of hand written correspondence and hope to demonstrate its importance to others in though this challenge.  I was raised writing thank you notes and I want to pass on this tradition of thoughtfulness to my children, teaching though my example. 

How awesome is that??
Way to go Allison!!!

I absolutely LOVE cute Stationary -
and I love hand written thank you notes!
My mamma raised me right! :)

So I'm feeling inspired!
and I definitely needed some new cards to get started!
 I ordered some super cute stationary from Delphine!

I love these cards because they combine "both modern digital printing and centuries-old letterpress printing to achieve both elegance and efficiency."

and the best part?
Mamapedia's Deal of the Day is with Delphine!
You can get $30 worth of cards for $15!
Plus Free Shipping!
and you know I'm a sucker for free shipping! :)

I ordered these little pretties!
What are your favorites?


  1. Whitney!! I am too,too flattered for your kind words and support for the Thank You Note Project! Seeing your post was such a sweet surprise for me today! You are THE best! Thanks! I love that you were inspired and that you're jumping on the gratitude wagon! I'd love to send you some Instant Gratitude notes for free! Or to any of your readers if they are interested! Love the notes you ordered - check out too! They have an amazing selection, great pricing and discounts and quality products!

  2. pss - love the new blog look! Very fresh and spring!

  3. This sounds like a wonderful idea! I'm not that dedicated, but I might make a goal to e-mail at least one person a day and maybe one handwritten card a week. Hmmmm....

    BTW, your great deal is backwards - $15 for $30 is not probably what you wanted to say. If it was, let's exchange money LOL LOL

  4. Awesome blog!
    I'm your new follower on GFC.
    So glad I found you with the hop!
    You can reach me at:


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