Monday, March 28, 2011

{Where I've been}

I've seen these "where I've been" posts on several blogs,
and I thought it was such a fun idea!
So I decided to do one too!

I absolutely LOVE traveling!
unfortunately, I haven't seen nearly as much of the US as I hope too!
{I've mainly done the NE, South & Texas}

but I dream of traveling the west.
maybe in a big RV. or Subaru. with my boys.
and big monster dog.
just us - route 66 - and run down gas stations.
Mount Rushmore. Yellowstone.
Big scary Bears. camp fires.
Everything cliche about a trip out west.

My 4 favorite places are:
1. South Carolina - The Lowcountry (Charleston & Beaufort)
2. New York - what's not to love about NYC! :)
3. Washington, DC - it's where I met the hubs! <3 
4. Texas - San Antonio & the Hill country

BUT to make up for my lack of traveling in the US --
I've done quite a bit of international travel!
I'll try to keep this part short, haha. 

I was given the opportunity to study abroad in high school
with an organization called Rotary.
They have the MOST AMAZING Youth Exchange Program.
If you have high schoolers (10th/11th grade) - SIGN THEM UP!
I spent a year in Switzerland, living with 3 different families!
I learned German. learned the culture. made lasting friends.
oh, and I also got to travel Europe - A LOT.
at the ripe old age of 16 ...
it's an experience I will NEVER forget!

That year in Switzerland really gave me a taste for Europe.
and all its wonderfulness.
I went back every summer - just my big backpack and a train pass.

Then I spent my junior year of College in Austria,
studying business at an International Management School in Innsbruck.
I spent my weekends taking the train wherever I could.
Italy, Spain, France, CROATIA.

Oh Croatia ... be still my beating heart.
It's my absolute favorite place on earth.

ok - or maybe Cinque Terra is - in Italy.
But now it's becoming "too touristy", so I'm still going with Croatia.

Then there were my 4 months in South America after college ...
Argentina, Bolivia, Peru & Chile!

All are amazing --
but Argentina, ohhhh Argentina!
The wine, the people, the Tango, the FOOD!

climbing Machu Pichu in Peru.
swimming with piranhas & anacondas down the amazon in Bolivia.

All these travel experiences have made me who I am.
they've impacted the way I see the world.
What I want to do & who I want to be.

So what about you?
Where is your FAVORITE place?
Where do I HAVE to go?



  1. My husbands grandfather was from Croatia. It's on our list of places to visit for sure. I just wish my kids would get those lovely dark skin genes! Instead they have my nice English roots showing through with translucent white skin!

  2. GERMANY AGAIN!! To visit meeee!

  3. You've been to some amazing places! I feel like a simpleton now, lol :)

    Stopping by from the Monday Blog Hop, I'm your newest GFC follower :)

  4. Croatia... I want to go there! I love Switzerland... and it's great with kids. Mo'orea in French Polynesia is one pretty amazing vacation spot.

  5. So fun to read the places you've been. I also love to travel and have been blessed to do quite a bit of it.
    We lived just outside Zurich for 4 years. Absolutely beautiful!! Such a great location to get to so many other countries!
    We are going back for visit this summer..can't wait!
    Thanks for sharing your travels!

  6. I hope I get to start traveling like this real soon. I found you on the Momsreview4You Wednesday Bog Hop, I am your newest GFC follower. If you could check out my blog and follow me back I would appreciate it. Thanks Amber

  7. Hi! I'm a new follower from the Mom's Review Blog Hop!You have a lovely blog :) Please visit me at -- I love company!

  8. Cool post idea, I might have to give it a try, (I looove to travel as well!!!)
    Dropping in early from the Thursday blog hop and am now following you in GTC, would love if you'd return the favor, thanks!

  9. I found your blog when googling "mom blogs from Croatia". I being from blogging about how it's your fave place. And so I follow along...since apparently, you've got GREAT taste.

    One of the most beautiful places on earth...I agree.



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