Friday, April 15, 2011

Eggos & Netflix & TV hussy.

Confession: we don't have cable!
In fact - my husband has NEVER had cable -!
{but besides missing the Desperate Housewives & Sister Wives - I'm surviving}
However, our lack of cable - means our love of Netflix!
The hubs & I love picking a show ...
starting with episode 1, season 1 and working our way through!

When things get good -- we're known to turn it on at 7 am -
"to get in just one episode" before he leaves for work!
Nothing beats eggos & Netflix! :)  
no, the eggos aren't for monkey man. 
{he doesn't like them}
They are for me. 
and they are delicious!

Anyways -apparently I'm a TV Crush Hussy --
because I always develop a TV crush.
It keeps me interested, helps me "connect".
keeps my ADD under control! :) 
{at least that's what I tell myself}

well we started with Lost.
and I looovveeedd Sawyer - so rugged & real
I definitely wouldn't mind be stranded with him on an island!

Then it was 24. {every episode}
ohhh Jack Bauer - I'd love to be attacked by terrorists with you.
or your hostage. either way! :)

Then it was Law & Order SVU.
 There was something about Elliot Stabler...
If I ever have to go to jail (or maybe just testify) - 
I hope he takes me there! ;)

 But right now we're on to Prison Break.
and I'm {obsessed}.

I'm not kidding .... 
I DREAM about the beautiful Wentworth Miller.

He's everything a TV crush should be --
strong. courageous. and absolutely SEXY!
He's pretty much perfect. 
Last night we were in jail together. trying to escape. in the rain.
it was very romantic. :)

The thing is ... this isn't new -
I've been a TV Crush hussy for YEARS now.
you see - these guys and I go WAY back!

WAAAAYYYY back -- to elementary school.
after school, with cookies & milk. :)

So what about you?
Whose your TV Crush?

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  1. Thats so funny. I'm pretty sure I love all of those shows (and boys) as well. I just finished prison break and want to watch it again but I just may love lincoln a little more then michael.

  2. i adore saved by the bell! except the weird summer when they all worked at the beach club, but whatev. without cable i missed top chef and biggest loser so much. thank goodness for hulu. :)

  3. We also have netflix and no cable. I just barely finished all the seasons of Prison Break and was crushing HARD on Wentworth as well. Oh my goodness is he sexy! I also loved Sawyer. :)

  4. Wentworth Miller is my ultimate TV crush. I was so sad when Prison Break ended. Sometimes the show was so disturbing I could not sleep afterward, but I loved every second of it. My husband knew to not even speak to me during the show I was so obsessed.

  5. I'd have to say it was Nathan from Days of Our Lives who left the show recently. I was devastated! But I AM with you on the Save by the Bell men, ALWAYS a crush!!

    Stopping by from Hop Along Friday!

    Please stop by Nomie's 3 Monsters

  6. Hello! I am stopping by from the Weekend Blog Hop! I am your newest follower! I cannot wait to read more. I hope you will stop by and follow me back :)

  7. AGENT BOOTH from Bones. He nonchalantly tells Brennan "I would kill for you and I would die for you." They just don't make too many like that, ladies. (Is it warm in here or is it just me?)

  8. Another vote for Seely Booth from Bones...
    Rick Castle from Castle (duh!). :)


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