Tuesday, April 5, 2011

{Must Do List}

So first of all --
 this post is totally for me.
Selfish, I know.
but hey - it's my blog :)
and I needed a place to post my "to-do" list.
a place I wouldn't loose it.
or throw it away.
a place that would hold me accountable.
with easy to find links to the projects I'm dreaming of.

BUT this post is also for you ...
because if you haven't heard of Ana White -
then you're life was totally not complete.

but lucky for you -- now it is! :)  
but just be prepared to spend HOURS on her site.
to neglect all chores & laundry.
while you oodle at all her AMAZING projects.
that she built all by herself

oh and did I mention she's a TOTAL hottie?
Well she is ...
{so totally not fair}

But the best part is ...
that she will totally motivate you.
and make you think you are Tim the Toolman.
{or his hot girl sidekick, what was her name?}
and have you wanting to drop EVERYTHING to go to Lowe's.
to start building,
because her directions are that awesome.

Right now I'm in DC visiting family...
and not anywhere near a Lowe's.
nor do I have any way to get the things I build home.

But I do have a sleeping baby. {thank you}
and no house to clean. {YES!}
and no craft room to wallow in. {boo}

so I'm making lists. {ocd, anyone?}
and dreaming of future projects! :)

So without further adeau ...
here's a SMIDGEN of my To-Do Dream List:
{have I mentioned I'm 5 months pregnant and moving in 5 weeks?}
I better get busy!

1. Paint Monkey Man's Crib for the new baby.
{obviously the hubs may have to do this}
My OB would probably kill me.
I'm thinking bright orange. :)

2. Build Monkey Man a "big boy" bed.
{using these directions}
It's filed under less than $20. Get out!

3. Build this Picnic Table for my boys!

{obviously not in pink!}
but seriously look at how adorable that is?
and it's CHEAP & Easy to make!

4. Make Monkey Man this tool Bench!

and maybe one day - just one day ...
I'll work up the courage to build two of these!

I guess that's it for now!
I'm still debating crib bedding & bumpers.
and whether to keep Monkey Man's nautical theme (or change it up).

so how about you?
What's on your MUST DO list?

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  1. #1 i love Ana White. She inspires me even though we have no tools to make such fine creations. I have a "to build" wish list for the future in my head though.
    #2. Paint the crib orange! how awesome! im prego for the 1st time and decided that the nursery will be Orange and Turqoise, whether the babe is a boy or a girl.
    #3. love the new bloglook :)

  2. I love the fact that you did your to-do list right here. Hey, your blog...your rules! :)
    Reading about what you have planned inspired me. I don't have the big projects that I need to build but I do have to:

    1) Clean out my bedroom, throw things out, move things around. You know the drill! I have a new white quilt, white sheets, and white blanket I'm dying to use but need a clean canvas before I put them on. :)

    2)Paint our master bath! I have "sample" splotches painted all over...for 10 months! Time to get busy.

    3)Figure out gallery walls for both rooms. Fun but scarey.

    4) Oops! Not on my own blog! I better stop!

    HAHA See! You inspired me! Thanks for sharing. I"m off to check out the site you recommemded.
    Be blessed! & Good luck on the projects

  3. Ana White is truly an inspiration. Thanks for sharing.

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  4. I LOVE Ana White's site! I also have a list of furniture from their that I plan (probably more hope than plan) to build after we move. :) Hopefully baby boy will cooperate and be a good sleeper so that I can get things done.

    Right now I've just started my very first quilt. After taking an hour cutting a bunch of fabric and assembling the first square I looked at my husband and said, "one down, only 62 to go!" That should keep me busy while on bedrest.

    Oh, and the last to do thing on my list: finally start posting on the blogs I created months ago (one to keep people updated with family happenings, and one for my craft stuff). :)


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