Monday, April 4, 2011

{The New Do}

Have you noticed my new look?
{no, not my hair}
believe me - you DO NOT want to see that rat trap.
I'm talking about the 'ol blog.
Pretty Fancy -- huh??

I absolutely LOOOVEEEE it.
{with an extra capital L.O.V.E}

Unfortunately, I'm not smart enough to do something so awesome.
I definitely needed some help!
and Jes over at Infusion Design Studios was my girl!
She knows her stuff!
Like REALLY knows her stuff.
She was AMAZING to work with.

I gave her my "wish-list" of must haves...
like the color scheme.
{are you not drooling over the mustard & gray with turquoise??}
a list of blogs that I adored & why....
and then I told her I wanted it "Preppy Chic".
you know - no argyle. no pink & green.
well, she totally nailed it!
and in one day - she sent me THIS!


I'm still working on organizing ALL my posts.
Give me some time - I'm enjoying my vacay! :)
But eventually everything will be VERY easy for you.

I've got 4 main categories on the right.
Being Mom.
Navy Life.
Then I'll update my tutorials tab for quick access to the good stuff.

I'm also pretty computer stupid ...
but she was great about helping me figure it all out!
You know -- super easy things --
like how to make her an admin ...
and how to link my pages ...
Things I'm sure you totally know how to do.
But in case you don't -- she'll hook ya up! :)
oh and I've saved the best part for last!!
She's currently having a SALE on her services!
So head on over to her blog and check it out.
It's for a limited number of blogs, so hurry!
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  1. Oh wow...your blog looks great! A new follower via the mom's blog hop!


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