Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Projects & The Inspiration

I really LOVE the idea of having my to-do list right here on my blog!
It can't be lost, eaten or thrown away! :) 
and I always know where to find it!
(see other post here)

So this is what I've got going on right now ...

#1 The Project: New Pillows for the couch! :)
The Inspiration: This Fabric!

This wasn't originally on the agenda 
but I found this fabric and FELL IN LOVE! 
 {Would anyone be interested in a simple pillow cover tutorial?}

#2 The Project: Start the Master bedroom makeover!
The inspiration: Yellow & Grey. LOVE.

#3 The Project: Fitted sheets for Baby #2's room!
The Inspiration: Orange & Teal!

#4 The Project: Matching Bow Ties for our coordinated Easter Ensemble!
The Inspiration: Seersucker of course!

Oh and I'm helping my friend throw a Pirate Party this weekend -- 
so look for lots of tutorials on eye patches & party hats!

Also - this would kinda be a fun linky, eh?
People could post their "craft to-do lists" and we can all gain inspiration.
What do you think??
would anyone actually participate?
no hard feelings - be honest!

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