Thursday, April 7, 2011

{Spray Paint your Shoes}

Spray paint turned these shoes from ugly ...

to adorable! :)

I found these shoes at Walmart on clearance for $3.00!
They were suprisingly really comfy ... 
but white shoes are not my thing!

No problem though - 
Spray Paint fixes everything!

I cut off the bows, taped off the soles with some blue painters tape
and stuffed the insides with trash bags ....

Then I started spraying! :)
ok - so maybe yellow was a bad choice.
I'm still debating whether I like it or not! :)

Be patient and wait for them to dry.
{this is the hardest part for me} 

Remove the tape & you've got some cute, cheap new shoes! 

Add some Pom Pom Shoe Clipss and you're in business!!

{Not too shabby for $3.00}

- If the shoes are glossy like mine - use primer first!
(and maybe try spray paint for plastics? I'll try that next time).
- Use a clear coat at the end to keep it from chipping!



  1. That's a great idea! I don't think I have a crafty bone in my body. That's one reason I love mommy blogs that are. :)

  2. That is such a great idea!! I love the clips. I am so not a crafty person, I think of great crafty ideas but never put them to work. Glad to have found your blog on the Bee Friendly hop.
    I am a new follower.

  3. I LOVE them! I'd be interested to know how the color holds up, if you can re-spray, etc. You could do an update in a month or two. :)

    I'm a new follower from the Bee Friendly Friday Follow. I'd love it if you'd visit A Helicopter Mom and follow me back!

    I'm also having my FIRST giveaway of a Limited Edition Fine Art Print. It has very low entries, so I'd really appreciate it if you'd drop by and enter.

    Have a great weekend! Thanks. :)

  4. Hey that's pretty cool...and the new color is nice...Now I wanna go to for a pair of shoes to try this lol.

  5. I love the yellow! I'd be interested in knowing how they hold up as well!

  6. So cute, so easy! I also love the color combo of the clips with the bright shoes. Kinda a fun twist of the nautical themes that are hot right now.

    And please! Do a follow up post!

    Lady Bee

  7. I love this, in the car kids we are headed to Wally World to find us some cheap shoes!!! Thanks

  8. Found you on the Thrifty Decor Chick linkup party. Love the yellow and the bows. So chic!


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