Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Super Birthday Gift: Superhero Cape

I love making homemade gifts for birthdays!
I think they mean so much more!
So when our friend G was turning 4 -
I knew just what to make him!


This is what I came up with ...
{at 10 the night before the party!}

I packaged it with a little tag that said, 
"I hope you have a SUPER birthday" ...
and BAM!
you've got yourself a perfect birthday present! :) 
 {One fit for a 4 year old Super Hero}

and now I would like to introduce you to -

I heard he likes it! :)

I had a really time hard time finding a tutorial that I liked -
so I just made it up as I went along! 
{but there are tutorials out there if you need a place to get started!}
I used two layers of thin cotton and a velcro strip to attach it.
The G is fabric paint using the Freezer Paper stencil method.
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