Saturday, April 16, 2011

that mom + {an apology}

Here's the scenario ... 
you're young with no kids - strolling through Target.
enjoying the quiet, thinking about your shopping list,
daydreaming about your hot date last night.
and then suddenly - BAM!
The cries of a child throwing a temper tantrum. 

As a single, childless little lady - I was brutal.
and judgmental. 
As a mother -- you had NO chance around me!
Your child was NEVER quiet enough. 
NEVER clean enough.
NEVER well behaved enough.

and then the following thoughts would float through my head:
"my child will NEVER act like that".
"my child will eat his vegetables & he'll NEVER have chocolate"
"he'll NEVER go out in public looking like THAT".
"Where are that kid's shoes? These floors are GROSS!".

Welp. Karma is a funny thing!
beacuse I am THAT mother.
and I have THAT kid.
{you know the "difficult" child}

No matter how clean he is when we leave,
he is covered in food & milk by the time we get where we are going.

- His nose is constantly running & snotty.
{Thank goodness for Boogie Wipes!}

- More than not, his shoes don't make the cut.
So he's barefoot. {yes, in public!}
At home he's not wearing a shirt. or pants. {or shoes}

He lives off macaroni and cheese & Ravioli.
and often refuses his vegetables.
Mealtime is a fight. 
{and more often than not -he wins!}

He throws temper tantrums at Target.
and anywhere else that he doesn't get to run where he wants.
and I let him - because I won't give in! :)

He's 14 months old with a mind of his own.
He's independent.
and determined.
and hard-headed.
and he's figuring out this crazy world for himself.
one bow-legged step at a time.

but we're learning together! :) 
 {mistakes and all}
and driving everyone at the store crazy along the way!

so this is for you - single lady at Target -
my apologies (in advance) for my monster child.

and to my fellow moms - I know you get it.
unless of course, you're blessed with an Angel child.
or a child that LOVES vegetables, shopping & being clean! :)

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  1. Hahahaha! Like any of us are blessed with "Angel child". I'm not sure I was ever "that" single person, but I did have a lot of ideas about what my kids should be like. Yeah right! LOL My daughter loves to be barefoot too. And she never matches. And her hair is a wreck. She seriously looked like a homeless child when we went out last week. Oh well! Have a great weekend.

  2. vegetables. But hate clothing and love to run a muck!!! :) Too all the people rolling their eyes...I will take 10 tantrums for every random "I love you mommy"....

  3. No matter how annoying the little ones are with food, clothes, or tantrums, they're so cute! I help my friends with their sibblings when I can. :)

  4. I was totally going to write a similar post this week - I was such a judgmental bleeep who had ZERO patience with kids and their parents in any public setting. I look back on that now and cringe!!

  5. So well-stated. I love this. And when you have more than one kid, it happens again... the stuff you say about others in your head (or out loud) who have more than one and "can't control" their kids, etc. So funny.

  6. I totally "get it"! I have one of those kiddos too! All I can do is laugh at this point. I was the childless gal who swore it'd never happen to me....

  7. We all feel ya! Trust me. I used to think velcro on shoes was awesome for kids, now I just think it's teaching them too much too soon because we can't make it anywhere with shoes...EVER! I usually have a pair (or 2 or 3 from previous outings) in the diaper bag because they come off in the car on our way to where we're going. Oh well...the hugs we get from the monsters are worth the judgemental, single, no-kid, people!

  8. Oh, aren't Target meltdowns the best??? :) And I agree...Boogey Wipes are amazing. Following you from the Mom Blog Monday.

  9. Too funny! Yep, I was the single girl strolling through Target long ago, and yep, I would get irritated at the screaming kids (I didn't care what they had on or if they were dirty as long as they were quiet)--but I was the girl who KNEW my kids would be the same way. No rose-colored glasses here. So I would think "okay, another point for the never-having-kids side" . . . soooo thankful God laughed and gently told me no. I have a two-year-old and a one-year-old. The two-year-old throws tantrums. The one-year-old hates shoes. And I've never been happier.


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