Monday, April 25, 2011

Two years down ...

Note: ahhh, I just deleted the best & longest post ever.
So now it will be short & sweet.
Probably better for you. 
but kinda sad for me.

Two years ago today, I was getting all gussied up --
and getting ready to marry my best friend!!
We were SO in love.
and SO excited!

There was lots of dancing ...
great food.
great friends.
all our family.

It was just a wonderful, perfect night!
and we had SOOO much fun!!

but then the wedding ended.
and the marriage began.
and so did the troubles.

I expected a Fairy Tale.
and we were living a Horror Movie.

We weren't prepared.
{We sure thought we were}
We had taken all the classes...
read all the books.
but there was no way we could have foreseen the silly fights.
the disagreements. 
We had never lived together.
and we were sooo different.
We argued over diet coke & toilet paper.
I left the cap off the toothpaste.
He left his shoes everywhere.
I hated to clean house.
He was messy.

He thought I should cook.
I didn't like to cook.
I thought he should take out the trash.
 He didn't.

We had different expectations of what our "roles" were. 

We spent the first 3 months arguing.
and crying. 
and fighting.
and wondering what the heck we had done?
{had we really made the biggest mistake of our lives?}
Marital Bliss was a myth.
Maybe everyone was right - 
we rushed into things.

But even with all the fighting ....
we did know ONE thing ...
we loved each other.
more than anything.
so we had to make it work.

and we did.
It got better and better each day!
We started laughing instead of arguing!
We worked out our "roles",
and we created our own version of "marital bliss".

We were young.
We were newlyweds.
and marriage was FUN!
{really fun}

and then SURPRISE!

This little guy rocked our world ...
and we had to start all over...
Our roles changed - 
and it took some adjusting ...
but we figured it out. :)
and we can't imagine our life without our little monkey!
We LOVE being a family!!
{so much in fact - we are doing it again!!}

So as I sit here thinking about the past 2 years ...
I do know one thing.
I love my husband more today than I ever thought possible.
I love the Christian man that he is.
I love the husband he has become.
I love the dad that he is.
I just LOVE him - shoes everywhere and all :)
and that makes me smile!!
and makes me proud! 

We've come a LONG way!
and although we don't have it ALL figured out -
{not even close}
we have learned a LOT!

There will be hard times.
and sad times.
and times you just want to quit. 
or maybe walk away.
but you can't.
That is when you have to fight harder.
and LOVE more.

Two years down.
and a LOT more to go.
but I {really} like the sound of that! 
because all you really need, is love.

oh? and how did we celebrate?
well - that's for another day!
This post is already way too long! :)
But it was GRAND! 
and soo fun!
and we were kid-free!!!

Here's a sneak peak:

So what's your marriage secret?
Was the first year all you had imagined?
Better? Worse?


  1. wow - this is an awesome post! A little about me so you have my background, married 3 years this year and welcomed the arrival of our first little one last year. Our first year of marriage had it's challenges but over time as we learned one another more we got better as individuals and as a couple. We learned how to argue and how to pick your battles. Now that I reflect on my own marriage I think one of the best parts is knowing you don't have to face the challenges of this world alone and you have someone at home that loves you unconditionally regardless. And that is the best feeling ever. Good luck as you enter year #3.

  2. Following via Mom Blog Monday
    Life Below Zero

  3. Great post!!! I have been married to my husband for four years now. The first year was very hard for us. I thought we went into our marriage with pretty realistic expectations of each other but apparently not. We moved away from our family and I went from working full-time to staying at home. He had just finished grad school and started a new job while I was still finishing my undergrad. There was just so much pressure to be everything for each other but we soon learned that it was impossible. I just remember realizing that God did not want for us to spend our marital days arguing and bickering over small things (or anything for that matter). We literally had arguments over who boiled rice the right way! Ha!!! We had to learn to let God take His rightful place in our lives and took the steps that He showed us to better our marriage. It was hard but so worth it. I have the most incredible husband in the world and we have learned to laugh and love one another. Good luck in the years to come.

  4. congrats on the anniversary! I just have to say my fav part of your blog post was this:

    "There will be hard times.
    and sad times.
    and times you just want to quit.
    or maybe walk away.
    but you can't.
    That is when you have to fight harder.
    and LOVE more."

    It's SO true! Wish more people thought like that. :)

  5. Marriage secret: communication and humor.
    The first year was rough... but we had lived together already for a couple of years.

    Happy, happy anniversary! :)

  6. My, my, my...I could write a book...really. No, the first year was nothing like I expected. But 31 years later we have figured some things out. Good for you! Following from Mom hop!

  7. We got married at 19, just after graduating H.S. because we were in love and excited about the future. Needless to say, we were not prepared for it! The first 3 years were the hardest as we tried to learn about each other, how to share responsibilities and how to fight constructively. There were many challenges! We had our son 2 years ago and we celebrate our 7th year this August. I don't think there will ever be a point in time when you can say "that's it, we've perfected our marriage". Everyday is an opportunity to make the relationship and the love stronger. It just grows! Congrats and to many more to come!

  8. For us, year 2 was harder than year 1. Our lives remained "normal" after we got married - we both continued taking classes (me grad school, him undergrad) - we just lived together now. On our first anniversary our furniture was delivered to us in Woodbridge, VA (and I am a home-body and it was Father's Day weekend that I drove away from my parents to be 10 hours away), so it was going to be a challenge for sure. We went into year 2 with nothing but change, which is what made it so hard for us (or for me at least). We're now coming up on year 4 (and on Sunday, we will have been together for 10 years) and there's a little crazy child running around our house to remind us that we do love each other and we can do anything as long as we remember that!


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