Friday, April 29, 2011

What I'm lovin' Friday!

I'm feeling all lovey dovey today --
{must be that royal wedding fever}
But here are a few things I'm REALLY loving this week:

My $10 hat from Forever 21.
{ignore my big nose & awful freckles!}

 Monkey Man's new found Independence!
{and his adorable locked-knee walk!}
My fabulous new picnic blanket!
{I'll tell you how I made it next week!}

These gorgeous knobs from Hobby Lobby.
{project coming soon!!}
and the wind blowing through my hair when the top's down.
So what about you? 
What are you {loving} today?
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  1. Love that hat and those knobs! What I would give right now to ride in a car with the top down! Enjoy it!

  2. I'm loving that it's Friday and I have 3 more hours until I pick up my little guy!

  3. Those are some AWESOME loves! And sorry, your nose is nothing compared to mine... really. You are lovely and look radiantly happy in that picture.


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