Sunday, May 22, 2011

Oh Baby Sponsor Spotlight: Intelligender

The minute we discovered we were pregnant with little monkey #2,
I was already dreaming of my 20 week appointment!!
I couldn't wait to know if it would be blue or pink!!!!

I only wish I had known about IntelliGender before now!
I would have LOVED to take the gender prediction test!
Would it have said boy? :)

They also have another line of products that I love ....

The IntelliCeuticals™ products are made of proven remedies, herbal extracts, and flower essences all formulated to promote physical, emotional or psychological health and restore balance in the body. They are safe, effective, and designed to bring you relief from the stresses of pregnancy and early motherhood.

I was given a bottle of the Elasti-Oil to try and I love the way it makes my skin feel! At 28 weeks, I am still relatively free of stretch marks and I love the way my belly looks and feels!

Check out all the great products on their website.

Check back tomorrow -- I'm giving away
1 IntelliCeuticals Elasti-Oil
1 IntelliGender Gender Prediction Test

What about you?
What products help you through pregnancy!
Would you want to know the gender, if you could?

Check out Intelligender on Facebook.
on Twitter.
and on You Tube.
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