Thursday, May 26, 2011

Patriotic Strawberries!

It's {almost} Memorial Day Weekend!!
and since I come from a LOONNNG line of military folk --
I like to celebrate -
to remember those who have served our country so bravely!

and last tonight the hubs had a friend over for dinner ...
{ladies -- a super cute, single Marine pilot if you live in Florida - haha!}
so I decided to surprise them with some patriotic strawberries for desset!

The strawberres right now are SOO delicious & sweet & HUGE!
oh and they are super cheap -- ;)

I didn't actually have time to take pictures before the boys men gobbled them up --
so I "borrowed" this picture from here.

Mine didn't actually look that nice... haha.
so you're better off with her picture! :)

I think maybe I need to add shortening to the chocolate!?
Mine was kind of clumpy & thick.
BUT they were DELICIOUSLY ugly!
{like you should run to the store RIGHT now and make them delicious!}

but now I need your help!
I need melting chocolate advice!
What brand do you use?
Do you use a double boiler?
The microwave?


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  1. Hey girl! I usually use the Baker's chocolate. It works pretty well. I also have used plain 'ole candy melts from Michaels. That works well too. I'm not the best chocolate melter/dipper in the world so hopefully someone else will be able to offer you some better wisdom! :-)

  2. These look amazing! Must make them this weekend.

  3. those lokk delicious. i'm not much of help with chocolate, haven't done much with it since I was little and help my grandma.

  4. This looks so lovely!


  5. I love strawberries.I love it more when dipped in chocolate.Am your newest follower from the hop,hope you visit me back and i look forward in being part of your blog.check out my current giveaway i bet your kids will really love it.Thanks.


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