Thursday, May 5, 2011

Updated Headband Holder!

I have lots of headbands ... 
I just love them!

It makes me feel like I did something with myself -
even when I really didn't. :)

I made this headband holder last year.
{and I loved it!}
 but it didn't make the move "cut".
You know that point - 
at the end of packing...
when you just start tossing stuff in the trash.

Well - that's what happened to my lovely headband holder.

So the past 5 months they have just been scattered on my dresser.
Looking horribly disorganized & messy!

I needed a new system!

and then I found this little lovely @ Goodwill for $2!

I loved the size & shape
but that pepto pink color was awful! 

Enter: Rust-oleum - Colonial Red.
{I told you I went a little spray paint crazy this weekend!}

and now ... 
well, it's lovely. 

The headbands just fit so perfectly on the lip too!

and I LOVE the red with the turqouise!

Oh it makes me SO happy!
and so is the hubs - 
because my dresser is FINALLY organized! 
 {just in time to move again ... ugh!}

speaking of organization ...
this is what I did with my make-up and other essentials --

and yes - that is ALL the make-up I own. 
I'm a make-up purger. :)

I also whipped up something FABULOUS for my jewelry!
but I'll show you that later this week! :)

How do you store your headbands?


  1. Very cute idea - I never would have thought of using a pitcher!! I love turquoise & red together, too!

  2. Make me some headbands! I just started wearing them while my hair is growing out (and being annoying) and I wanted to jazz them up, but I couldn't think of anything to put on there but a rosette. Boo.

  3. I love this, it's super cute!! Definitely will be needed some of the color soon : )


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