Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dear 16 Month Old Monkey Man --

Where oh where has the time gone?
This month has brought so many changes!
You're not a baby anymore ...
{of couse, you'll always be my baby -
 and you can tell your future girlfriend that! :)}
but you are turning into the most fabulous little boy!
Your independence makes me smile.
You insist on walking everywhere!
You have to lead the way ...

and you're SO very close to running!
You never stop.

I love how you point to tell us what you want -
and how the word "gaaa" means food!
and "ma mil" means more milk!
{have I mentioned that you drink more milk than anyone I've ever met?!}

I love your level of cautiousness when doing something for the first time...

but I love even more that it doesn't last long ...
and you quickly jump in and go for it.
sometimes head first.

I laugh because you think that you can get away with anything ---
as long as you cross your arms and put youself in time out after.

It goes something like this --
Hit Mommy.
Put self in time out.
{mommy tries not to giggle}
Daddy does.

I love how you want to be just like your daddy!
I pray that never changes.
He's wonderful.

But I love even more that when you're tired or hurt or want to cuddle -
it's all Momma!
Oh - and you just started saying "ma ma ma momma" this week.
and it's all you say.
but it makes me smile everytime!

I love your facial expressions ....
and that fiesty personality.

and the way you LOVE to use your hands to play with inticate things.

I wonder what you'll be when you grow up?

You love to dance.
You love Barney & Sesame Street.
and music makes you so happy!
That you get from your dad.

You love your books.

and your blankie.

You are a very picky eater --
but you sure love popsicles!

and that little red chair.
We keep it in our trunk at all times.

You love baths.
and you love to snuggle.
but only for 30 minutes in the moning ---
while you drink your milk and watch Barney.
Then you throw your sippy cup at me ---
and your wild day starts!

You keep me on my toes.
You make me laugh.
You amaze me everyday!
and you can make me so frustrated, when you're having "one of those days" ...
but I can't imagine my life without you.

You truly are my sunshine.
You make me happy, even when skies are gray.

Happy 16 months Monkey Man!
I can't wait to see what the next month brings!

ma ma ma


  1. Love this! I love how my little guy adores his daddy, too.

    I have to commend you on not giggling about him putting himself in timeout. That would crack me up!

  2. Love these pictures! He is such a cute "little man"...

  3. Don't they grow up so fast? He is too cute! Hi! Just stopping by. Following you from the Thursday Cup of Joe Blog Hop. Would love a visit and follow back on my blog: http://blog.writerslairbooks.com. Thanks!


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