Monday, June 20, 2011

Easy Travel Chalkboard

Monkey Man and I are headed to the airport --
We're headed to Nashville for a week! :) 
(things may be slow around here!)

I was so busy this weekend that I completely forgot about bringing toys to keep monster boy entertained on the plane!
Ahh! Panic.

But he LOVES to draw - so I knew just what to do.
Travel Chalkboard! 

This project is very inexpensive and super quick --
which is exactly what I needed since we're leaving in 1 hour!

Start with a plain wooden clipboard.
(I found mine at Walmart)

Then spray it with chalkboard paint. 
I didn't even bother removing the hardware, just painted right over it.
(several light coats is key!)

Buy some chalk and you're done.
I told you this was EASY!

Good luck with your monster child.
I mean, safe travels! :)

Cost of Project:
- Can of Krylon Chalkboard Paint $3.44
- Clipboard $1.44
- Chalk .74
Total Cost - $5.62
and I have a TON of spray paint left over for more projects!

I'm hoping this entertains him for at least 10 minutes!?
Wish me luck! :)
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  1. That is a great idea - I had to PIN this one!

  2. Too Cute! My daughter and I are going to try this on the weekend! Visiting and now following via Welcome Wednesday hop...hop on over to mine and follow back if you like!

    Jessica K

  3. That is seriously awesome!! It is on my to-do list now!!


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