Saturday, June 4, 2011

Excuses & a Trip to the Zoo.

I'm so bummed --
 the play kitchen isn't quite ready for it's big debut!
{I need a chain for the oven door --
so the little monkey doesn't break his toes!}
and instead of going to the hardware store this afternoon -
I took a VERY long nap!
{hey, give me a break - I'm 29 weeks pregnant!}

I promise I'll have it ready by Monday!

You see ... I haven't gotten ANYTHING done lately -
the hubs has had 10 days off --
and as fun as it's been ...
he's kinda {cramping} my style!

We've been going non-stop ...
{homeboy has SO much energy}
I've done ZERO crafting ...
the house is a disaster ...
and I have no clean unmentionables left --
because I haven't done laundry in two weeks!
{don't worry, clothes are in the wash now --
what I call my emergency load}

We did take the little man to the zoo today,
and despite the 100 degree humid, sweat drippin heat -
we all had a great time!

Nelson wasn't so sure about the animals at first ...
but he warmed up slowly and was feeding them by the end!
He loved trying to mimic the sounds the animals made!
but his favorite thing was just walking around ...
leading the way, determined --
with both parents right behind him! :)

How have you been enjoying this HOT weather?
{or are you up north, where it's still possible to go outside without dripping sweat?!}
rub it in.
snow sounds very nice to this pregnant whale.
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  1. So cute! Can't wait to see the play kitchen. It was in the 90's here earlier this week and I couldn't stand it. It has cooled off a bit and feels great to be outside!

  2. can't wait to see your play kitchen. such a cute little man!


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