Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Date Night Birthday Idea!

Nope, still no internet!
... which has definitely been good for my productivity!

Our house is almost unpacked!!!
I've hung pictures on the wall, 
sewn new curtains,
made throw pillows,
painted Monkey Man's dresser
and put the new crib together!

But I don't have pictures of all that yet ...
so I thought I would share this!!

Today is the hub's birthday!
(Happy Birthday Hubs!)
and I decided to give him "dates".
you know, so he has no excuse! :) 
and it benefits me!

I preplanned four dates --
I would have done more, but we will be moving 4 months!

August is date night at the movies!
I just left cash in each envelope for whatever we are doing!

Baby #2 will be making his debut the end of August,
so September will be an "at home" kind of date night! :)
Papa Murphy's Pizza and Red Box!

Some other dates ...
- Picnic & Wine on the Beach
- Wild Card with cash -- I'm thinking putt putt!

I added it all in a little basket --
with his favorite candy! :)

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  1. Cute! Happy Birthday to Hubs!

  2. I love your date night ideas!! I need to start doing that!

  3. That is an awesome idea! So many options and you get to enjoy the perks too

    newest follower from Welcome Wednesdays

    the miller's
    prezidential life

  4. I'm totally using this for our 2 year anniversary! Thanks for the great idea! Hope you're enjoying TX ... we're getting ready for helos over here so time for me to make these date cards so we make sure we get in some dates in between the studying and flying!

    ~Michelle Belanger


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