Saturday, July 2, 2011


Since I'm 8 months pregnant and monkey man is {almost} 17 months old, our 24 hour drive is taking us several days! We have strategically broken it up in cities where we could visit with friends, because who knows the next time we'll make it back! I have a feeling that traveling with two babies isn't quite as easy as it is with one. haha.

Lucky for us, my best friend (and Nelson's godmother) lives in New Orleans! :) We didn't arrive until around 8 pm, so we grabbed a quick dinner at Whole Foods and then Krystyn had a fun surprise lined up for us! A behind the scenes visit to one of New Orleans' most famous snoball stands!

In New Orleans you can find a yummy snoball stand on every corner. They are very similar to snowcones with one major difference -- snoballs use shaved ice instead of crushed! :) The theory is that it absorbs the flavor more.

We were lucky enough to get the late night VIP tour at Plum Street Snoball.

Since we went after hours, I had Kystyn's friend explain the whole process to me.
{and of course I took LOTS of pictures!} 

It starts with these bottles of flavored extracts!
Then they boil water, add the extract and LOTS of sugar to create the delicious syrups!
The choice of flavors is unbelievable -- they have anything you can imagine.
They even have more "creamy" flavors that they create by adding evaporated milk. 
Green Apple, Mango and Strawberry were some my favorites!
{yes, we tested them all!}

The ice comes in these huge 12 pound blocks.
 *random fact: on a summer weekend, they use over 2500 pounds of ice. wow!

The block of ice is then placed in this machine ...

and a super sharp blade shaves the ice ...

Now it's time to choose your flavor and start pouring!
{the more the better obviously!}

I choose Strawberry and added gummy bears!

Monkey Man had sprinkles for the first time!


They also cater parties -- what a fun party idea that would be for kids or adults!
A little vodka and they would be even better! :)

So if you find yourself in the New Orleans area -- 
you have to check out Plum Street Snoballs.

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  2. well that looks absolutely amazing! yummy. now I must go to New Orleans :)

    good luck with your traveling. we did a major rode trip when my son was 9 months old...and then I flew across country with my 9 month old daughter and three year old son, lol..all by myself! shew!


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