Saturday, July 9, 2011

These boots are made for walking

 Howdy from Texas!
{please ignore the lack of make-up and messy hair - I'm 8 months pregnant and it's HOT}

The hubs and I -- well, we're Texans!
{ok actually - we're "wannabe" Texans}
correction --I'm an East Coast Girl all the way --but if I can't live on the South Carolina Coast -
then Texas is the next best thing!
but both of our boys will be "real" Texans!!
and I can't tell you how happy my husband is about that! 

and now that we're back here, 
we thought we'd do what REAL Texans do ..
and buy Cowboy boots!

So last night we headed to the land of cowboy boots ..
Cavender's Boot City.
It's HUGE! 
(like a whole block HUGE!)

I have seriously NEVER seen so many cowboy boots in my entire life.

and these are just TWO of the 100 aisles+ they have! 
It's unbelievable.
They have every color imaginable!
and every style.

I'm not sure how one decides on THE perfect pair!
I couldn't even narrow it down to three.

How stinkin' cute are these baby boots?
Monkey Man DEFINITELY needs a pair!

oh but let's not forget the cowboy hats!
 and like the boots - you've got options ...
 maybe black is more your style?!

and every real cowboy has a belt buckle!

apparently the shinier the better? ha. I'm not sure about that.

So next time you find yourself in Texas ...
embrace your inner cowboy and go boot shopping!

It'll be an "adventure" for sure ...
and it's true --
Everything is bigger in Texas!

Now I'm off to rope some cattle ...
and line dance ... and eat Brisket.
and do other "Texas" things.

yeah right.
I'm off to do some shopping & then go to the Aquarium.
I've already failed as a Texan.
Sorry hubs - I tried.
In the end, my boots are just for looks. 
because I'll always be a Carolina Girl! 

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  2. LOVE those boots! Gotta have a pair! I'm your newest follower! Hope you'll visit me at (mom blog) or (my piano teaching blog).


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