Thursday, August 11, 2011

Out of Time.

I'm running out of time...
My due date is 12 days from today!!

We've been in our new house two weeks
and although it is completely unpacked, 
it is no where near decorated the way I want!
{not to mention the movers lost/broke SO much stuff!}

So I'm currently working on about 100 projects.
and that's not an exaggeration!

This was SOME of my list from Monday ...
I'm chugging right along - but still have TONS I want to do!
The forever, never ending list ...
  • Buy Newborn Diapers & Wipes.
  • Paint Dining Room Table
  • Recover all 6 Dining Room Chairs
  • Sew Curtains for dining room
  • Dining Room Artwork?
  • DIY painted rug for under Table
  • Paint Hutch (turned TV stand) in Living Room
  • Gallery Wall in Living Room - work in progress, never done :)
  • Gallery Wall in Nelson's Room, DIY Artwork - almost done!
  • Finish Craft Room/Guest Room (before guests come Saturday)! 
  • Assemble double stroller, get car seat ready, etc 
  • Pack Hospital Bags
  • Towel Rack (with shelf?) for upstairs guest bathroom
  • Artwork for upstairs guest bathroom?
  • Fix Storage Ottoman
  • Repurpose White Stool in Master Bedroom
  • Find new "chair" for Husband - his broke! :(
  • Repurpose Mini Wine Rack
  • Paint "Sofa Table" in Living Room
  • Hang curtain rods in every room
  • Barnes & Noble Story Time
  • Trip to Texas State Aquarium
  • Host Playgroup at my House
  • Make Subway Art for Awkward Wall
  • Assemble Crib
  • Repurpose old crib?
  • Clean out my car
  • DIY Spice Rack?
  • Sew Burp Cloths
  • "Big Brother" T-shirt for Nelson
  • Monogram Onesie for Harrison
  • DIY Canvas Wall Art for Craft Room
  • Build Water Table for monkey man
  • Find Newborn Photographer (or get really good, really quickly - haha)
  • Make new "menu" board for Kitchen.
  • Fix hole in the wall from curtain rod I screwed up. :)
  • Repaint Nelson's dresser + add new knobs!
  • Recover Ironing Board in craft room
  • Bathroom Artwork downstairs?
  • Find place to hang 3 white shelves.
  • Finish Time Out Stool
  • Spend as much time with Monkey Man 
This list could literally go on forever - but I have to stop somewhere.
I'm stopping right there.
I mean, I only have 12 days (or less)!
and I really need to sleep every now and then.
and take care of monkey man.
and pretend to clean and cook.

So lots of reveals coming SOON! I promise!
... if only I can get rid of my craft ADD and finish one project!

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  1. Ah, the never ending to do list...good luck with getting it all done in time
    Found you through Thirsty Thursday.
    Loving finding all these great knew sites to connect with
    Hoping you will connect with mine and follow too.
    have a great day

  2. Stopping in from Blog Hop Thursday! Good luck getting all your projects completed

  3. new gfc follower with purple purse icon. please follow at

  4. i just moved 400 miles this past weekend... and I'm not pregnant, you are on a roll!

    cute blog! New gfc follower from the thursday blog hop! Would love a follow back and say hello!

  5. Wow!! You are supermom!! Good luck getting everything done. And try to relax, Im sure its hard. Also, relish in the days of only having one baby. It is so insane how much your life changes when you add a second!!


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