Sunday, August 14, 2011

Pregnant with Power Tools.

Oh yes I did....
I just ordered a nail gun.
ok - well more like a "brad nailer", but it's still cool.

oh and a stud finder. 
you know, just in case I have to replace the 'ol hubs.
ok - bad joke.haha.
but really, I'm just tired of my things falling off the wall.
{aka curtain rods and towel racks}
and clearly I'm too dumb for the whole "sounds hollow or not" thing.

Thanks to amazon (love) it will he here Tuesday.
which is exactly 6 days before my due date.
Oh what should I build first?
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  1. Just blog hopping and saw your post. Stuff falls off our walls all the time too and we have all that stuff. :)
    Happy Sunday

  2. My husband still thinks it's funny to put the studfinder in front of himself and make it beep.

  3. Lol, I tried to tell my hubby about the tap the walls thing, and we both stood there like idiots pounding on the wall. Maybe we should get a stud finder:) Just found you from bloghopping, I'll be following:)


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