Friday, August 12, 2011

Toddler Fun: DIY Water Table {Part 1}

The day started with an email from my mom.
It said "We need to get Nelson a water table" and it had a link here

Heck yes we do - It was perfect!
until I saw the price ... $160!!!!!
Holy Moly! $160??

So I sent her an email back that said "I could make it for $30".
and because I have OCD ...  

haha - had to throw this in there! :) 
I got dressed right that instant, changed all my plans, packed my diaper bag (sippy cups and bribe snacks) and off we went to the Big Orange Store that I love so much!

I knew exactly what I wanted...

I wanted something solid wood & sturdy.
something simple - to encourage his creativity.
something that could be covered - and keep out unwanted pests.
I wanted something versatile - for sand, rice or water.

But I had no idea how to actually build it.
I've {maybe} built two things in my whole life -
 no one has ever taught me the right way. 
I just go with the flow and use my cheap power tools.
But it works.

I bought my Tub and the wood.
I initially thought I could do the whole thing with 2 x 2's...
The tub is a Sterlite 28 qt. storage container from Walmart with a lid ($6). 

I started building the frame ...
 and it was a disaster.
It was unstable and falling apart.
My measurements were WAY off.
My "finishing nails" weren't long enough.
The wood glue spilled everywhere.

So I threw it in a pile, gave up, drank a diet coke and took a long nap.

I woke up refreshed and ready to tackle it again!
I measured and re-measured again.
I drew out some "plans" and headed back to the store - 
I bought new wood - and got to work.
and this time?

I'll show you part 2 tomorrow! :)

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  1. Oh the suspense, I cannot wait to see the finished product! I am terrified of DIY projects, and have never really attempted anything on my own. This post inspires me to at least try :)

    New follower from Design it Chic :)


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