Sunday, August 7, 2011

Weekend Recap.

I love "no fly" weekends.
They are soooo glorious, 
because the hubs is actually home! 

and that means I get to run errands without Monkey Man.
 I get to leisurely stroll the clearance aisles of Hobby Lobby ...
which is where I found this awesome canvas ---
I LOVE it.
I have a strange thing for bicycles. :)
but you know what I love more? 
The price - It was $25.
Seriously, that's it (90% off!)! and it's HUGE.
and fills the empty space above the {new} TV perfectly!

Then we had great friends over ...
and I got to use my fun Calypso summer dishes!

We had Watermelon margaritas.

and grilled delicious Greek kebabs with cous cous.

We went to a sailing regatta...

and took a two hour family nap! 

We went to church,
picked up take out for lunch -
and cleaned the house.

It was wonderful and perfect.
Weekends like this are rare but SO fabulous.

p.s. I'm due in EXACTLY 2 weeks.
Holy countdown! AHHH.

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  1. I loveee that picture! & I'm so jealous you have a Hobby Lobby! I went there once in Texas and it was everything I ever hoped it would be, plus so much more!


  2. Okay I'm in love with your life! Haha. Although it was a rare occurrence- it looked FABULOUS!! 2weeks! Anydays now!!!

  3. Oh & I forgot to mention how much I love that canvas!! Not a big bicycle fan but love the colors!!

  4. Sounds like a mighty fine weekend! Glad it was relaxing and filled with fun :)
    Newest follower from the hop, hope you can stop back by!

  5. Newest follower from Making Friends Monday! Would love for you to visit back @

  6. Love family weekend naps. We take those on both Saturday and Sundays. Such cute pics!

  7. Sounds perfect!! I know your getting excited about the new one.. hope you have a easy labor.


  8. Hi! I am your newest follower from Welcome Wednesday!


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