Sunday, September 11, 2011

10 things ...

Things have been a little crazy around here to say the least ...
hence the absence of blog posts.

I'll recap a little...

1. This little guy did get to come from the NICU but we've been in and out of doctor's appointments every 3 days for check-ups! We'll also be heading to the Pediatric Cardiologists at the end of the month, so please continue to keep little H in your prayers!

2. Monkey Man still isn't too keen on the new addition .... so I've been very busy trying to keep little H alive! Although there have been a LOT of close calls -- we've managed to make it with only one tonka truck to the head. :/

3. I was in the hospital for mastitis. OUCH. enough said. :(

4. Monkey Man is sick.

5. Little H has colic!

6. We have WAY too much stuff ... and I'm feeling the need to purge & organize every room ... but can't seem to find the time just yet. heck, i barely have time to shower. and that's driving me nuts.

7. I did RUN into Micheal's the other day for one thing and I saw the new Martha Stewart paint line and was sooo inspired! I can't wait to get some -- I'm thinking stenciled curtains may be my first project. New curtains for my new furniture!

8, Yup, that's right! We got new living room furniture. So looonnng blue & burgundy! I can't wait to show you the new look!

9. Have I mentioned we are moving AGAIN in December. yup, it's true! :( I'm already dreading it.

10. My mom left today ... her help was such a blessing. The boys and I miss her already!!

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  1. 10 things back at cha...
    You are amazing X 10!!!
    Hoping all goes well with H and you are feeling better stat. Monkey is going to be his best friend, protector and guardian before you know it!
    Saying prayers for your sweet and busy family!

  2. Hey, I'm a new blogger and I've been reading a LOT of mommy blogs. I had a quick question, and I mean it totally sincerely and not rude at all... I see a lot of moms posting pictures of their children and husbands, but then shortening the names. What is the reasoning for this?


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