Monday, September 26, 2011

Happy Kids and Subway Art.

The logistics of two babies under two is much harder than one baby!
We're slowly getting into our routine ...
but in the mean time, my house is suffering! 
The laundry is washed but not folded.
The dishes made it to the sink, but have not been washed.
If I shower it's a good day! ;) 

So when I saw this sign on Pinterest, I knew I needed one ASAP.
It's so true! :) 
Monkey Man and Little H will not remember that our house was always clean.
Or that the dishes were always done.
But they will remember the fun we had.
The craft projects we did.
The messes we made!

So I found some plywood wood in the garage - 
and whipped up my own version during nap time! 
 (when I should have been folding laundry or washing dishes!) :) 

My sign is a lot wordier than the original ... why?
because I didn't want to pull out the power tools to cut the wood! :) 
lazy? maybe. 
plus - loud power tools = awake babies = no bueno.

I love it! 
It's sitting very happily above my pile of dirty dishes sink.
right where my husband, I mean I can see it! :) 

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  1. Very cute and very true. They are only little once. Take the time with them and leave everything else behind. It will get done, eventually.

  2. oh, this is the truth, isn't it? and it's such a relief to realize that dirty dishes will always be there but our kiddies will not always want our laps.

    love your sign! wouldn't it be a great shower gift for a new mom????

  3. Very creative! I love the more wordy one, haha. :)
    Following you from Welcome Wednesday. :)


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