Friday, September 16, 2011

The great couch hunt.

It's Friday!!!!
{which means our new furniture will arrive between 2-6!!!!}
don't you hate those long wait times?! ugh!

Yesterday I showed you some living rooms I adore!!!
Amazing, huh?
 But did you notice?? They are all so .... WHITE!
and I have TWO boys. and a dog. and a husband.
yeah right. white won't cut it around here.

We did consider these couches ...
You know, the white slip covered ones from Ikea.
People who have them swear by them ...
They even made the list of "child proof couches" ---
bleach works wonders they say.

But I'm a skeptic because they are still WHITE!
and I have BOYS!!!
dirty, gross, sweaty boys! ;)

So we opted against them for two main reasons ...
1. The hubs has a hate relationship with Ikea. (much to my dismay)
2. I hate to do laundry.
Why would I buy couches that need to be laundered/bleached all the time?! :)

So the hunt continued ....
We needed couches that were EASY.
That don't take a lot of upkeep.
and most importantly -- couches that are kid friendly.
because we spill a LOT of milk.
and sit on a LOT of gold fish.

So we FINALLY decided on leather ....
Brown Leather.
because it's wipe able and relatively kid proof! 
 We thought the brown leather could grow with us ...
and accommodate our my changing style through the years.
It's classic.

The only problem?
Brown leather isn't exactly LIGHT and AIRY.

So that's my new challenge ...
to lighten it up.

I picked out some FABULOUS fabric!!
Bought two fun accent chairs.
Found some simple curtains.
completed a DIY rug project.
ordered some new lampshades.
and hopefully it will all come together!
because I'm impatient.

I can't wait to show you!!! :)
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  1. Hey.... I found you through Kelly's Korner. I love looking at your blog and I am glad that your newest addition is doing well. I prayed for him and checked your blog daily for updates. It is funny, I look at blogs here and there, but you and KK are the only blogs that I look at that I don't actually know in real life. I just wanted to tell you that you made the RIGHT choice. I have had my brown leather couch for 10 years and it is SO perfect for me, my husband, my son that eats and drops everything and my four legged child that stares at the couch until i get whatever (laundry) is in her way when it is time for her to get in her spot:) Enjoy:)!!!


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