Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Fabric Alternatives: Inexpensive {no sew} Curtains

I LOVE fabric! I have an entire dresser full -
I love to open the drawers and just stare at it.
I love to stroll through fabric stores, touching the beautiful fabric.
I love to spend hours searching fabric on fabric.com.
Problem is, I hate to actually use it.

Confession: My name is Whitney and I'm a fabric hoarder.

Please tell me I'm not the only one?!

Another problem is that Fabric can also be SUPER expensive!!
Especially when you need SEVERAL yards of a heavy weight fabric.
You know, like if you were making curtains...
(p.s. have you priced patterned curtains in a store? holy cow!)

and I need a LOT of curtains in the new house....
So as I was taking my {daily} walk through Target,
yes. daily. (it's a problem, i know.)
when I saw these bad boys chillin' on an end cap ....
They were TABLECLOTHS, beautiful white & blue tablecloths -
and they were calling my name!

 60 inches x 84 inches?! Yes, please!!! That's a LOT of fabric.
TWO curtain panels if you cut it in half.
Two panels for $12.98! That's less than $6.50 a panel!

So I snatched up two and off I went ....

No hemming (or very little hemming if you cut them in half).
Nice weight to them (so they will drop nice!).
Beautiful pattern.

I bought some curtain clips and that was that!
Beautiful, inexpensive curtains!
I made four panels for less than $25!
Not bad!! 

I'll be back later with a half-revel of the master bedroom.
(I'm still working on the walls and throw pillows)
But here's a sneak peak of my DIY, inexpensive curtains.

and the hubs even likes the floral.
I was a bit nervous about that.
You know, since he's such a manly aviator now. :)

So think outside of the box when it comes to fabric resources.
Tablecloths, shower curtains and sheets are a great place to start!

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  1. I'm thinking a trip to Target is in order! That's just lovely and such a good idea! I've used sheets routinely just because they've got the seam and with a little stitching make a perfect pocket rod, but I love the hooks on yours, they're adorable!

  2. Those curtains look great! I always wonder whether the clips actually work; I've never used them.

  3. Anybody know where I can find this material/tablecloth now??? Lost mine in a fire and it was my so very very favorite... trying to start over but I just want the one I had so badly!

    1. Hi! I have since changed my curtains and believe I still have these! If you contact me -- I could send them to you, you just pay shipping! whitneyabuzeid@gmail.com.


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