Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Kitchen Renovation Part Two: The Inspiration

I hope everyone had an amazing weekend!
The hubs and I have been having a weekly date night & it's been AMAZING!
This weekend we tried a Spanish Tapas Restaurant here in Oklahoma City - DELISH!
If you're ever in OKC - go try Bolero in Bricktown!

Now on to the kitchen!!
I showed you our UGLY 90's kitchen here.
Pretty bad, huh?
Not much longer!!
Here is what we're hoping it will look like in about a month ...

ok, yeah right.
To go from this ....
to this ....

that would take LOTS of thousands of dollars ... LOTS.
and we're sticking to a strict budget.
$4000 to be exact.
Which IS (absolutely) a lot of money to us. A LOT!
But in the grand scheme of kitchen renovation?
it's just a drop in the bucket.

So what ARE we changing?

Here's our Master To-Do list:
- Granite Countertops (which is coming in about 2/3 of our budget!)
- Paint Cabinets white - DIY (our cabinets are in good shape, just ugly!)
- Replace all hardware (brushed nickel)
- New light fixtures
- New backsplash
- New Tile - DIY
- New undermounted sink
- New Pull out Faucet
- New pantry door 

 Ohhhh I can't wait!!
The guys come on Friday to make the template for our counters!

Stay tuned for LOTS of tutorials and updates!
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Friday, February 24, 2012

Kitchen Renovation Part One: The Before

So remember how I told you that we bought a semi-fixer upper in OKC?!
Well - I say "semi" because there is nothing REALLY wrong with it.
Everything works perfectly ... It's just UGLY!
I'm talking the 90's threw up all over it, ugly.
Then ate it and threw it up again.
It's that bad.

But when we saw it - we didn't look at the now.
We looked at what it could be --
With a little money and a LOT of DIY.

The price was right.
The size was right.
The location was right.
and those things were more important to us than the pink counter tops.
Yes, I said PINK.

So without further ado, let me show you our BEFORE Kitchen!
These pictures were taken the day we closed on the house.
Let's talk about what we have here ... 
- LOTS and LOTS of fake foliage. ew.
- Mauve cheap counters.
- with matching mauve tile and gross brown grout. 
- with matching backsplash.
- dated oak cabinets and trim.
- brass, dingy hardware. 
-AWFUL school cafeteria light 
(not pictured, but trust me- it's bad!)

But it's not ALL bad.
If you look HARD - there is potential!
- LOTS of counter space
- solid wood cabinets
- {new-er} black appliances
- a cute little bar area
(I can just picture two little boys sitting here eating breakfast!)
- a nice window (above sink) with great natural light
- it opens up into a pretty nice sized Eat-in Kitchen

So that's the before!
Tomorrow I'll be back to tell you about what we plan on updating.
and the good stuff -- like how much we plan on spending.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Vote for me, please! :)

Things are crazy around here --
Monkey Man had his tonsils & adenoids removed,
my mom is visiting & litle H is sick.

I got some AWESOME news today!
My "DIY Map" made the top 3 over at Fireflies & Jellybeans!

So please take one second and go vote ...
you can vote here!

I would really appreciate it!!
Thanks y'all! :)
I'll be back at the end of the week!
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Monday, February 13, 2012

Closet Organization: Purses

I LOVE feeling organized ...
maybe because the majority of my life is chaos,
and I have NO control over most things...
(life of a military wife & mom of two babies I suppose!)

plus I kinda, sorta have a purse problem.
I love them. BIG ONES!
The bigger the better! 

But they were laying all over my closet and under my bed ... 
and hanging on door knobs.
I could never find what I wanted - 
and they were getting stepped on and ruined.

So when I saw these double sided hooks - 
I knew they would be perfect! 

and they were!
Here they are all hanging up -- looking pretty! :)

My LARGE tote bags and bags that I don't use that often are neatly folded in a corner - these are just the bags that I use a lot.
It's so nice to be able to see what you have!  
So what do you think? What works for you? How do you organize your purses?

Next step: SHOES!
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Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Let me tell you my theory on potty training ...
I don't have one.
Wild Man JUST turned two and we aren't pushing it at all.
He's not ready.
and I'm in no hurry.

But, he normally tells us when he goes "caca" in his diaper.
(nice word, huh?)  
Thanks husband.

and when he doesn't have a diaper on -
he'll {normally} tell us when he has to go potty. 
We've only had a few slip ups.

One time was in a dresser drawer at a hotel.
Yes, he pooped in a dresser drawer.
He was so proud!
I gagged.
Fly Boy laughed.
Boys are so weird. 

and this morning --
he pooped in the bathtub.

I've heard boys do this.
I've been preparing myself for months.
so today when I saw those little huge floating logs ...
did I stay calm and cool?

Heck no.
I screamed.
and covered my mouth in horror.
and gagged.
and generally jumped around like a 12 year old girl that just saw a cockroach.

and then I contemplated leaving it there until the hubs got home.
you know, to show him what I do all day! :)
but the smell was unbearable.
so I scrubbed. and scrubbed some more ...
while I had a nice long chat with my 2 year old about the importance of going IN the potty!
not the bath.
he just laughed.

oh well, at least my kid's not the only one ... her's did it too

Well, I'm off to Clorox bath toys. 
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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

(sometimes) sharing sucks!

The minute you become a mom, your life is no longer about you!
Your daily needs are pushed to the side -
and you push all your focus towards your family.
With two under two, I'm lucky if I shower.
If I shave or do my hair - it's a REALLY good day! :)

But you get one day a year that's YOURS.
One day a year, where the kids bring you breakfast in bed...
where the husband brings you flowers or takes you out to dinner.
One day where you get to blow out the candles, sit at the head of the table,
and eat all the cake and ice cream you want.
whatever cake YOU want.
One day a year, on your BIRTHDAY - it's all about you.
(maybe two days - if your family actually remembers mother's day, haha). 

I'm a celebrating kind of girl - and my birthday is no exception.
I LOVE celebrating my birthday!
My parents always made it really special for us!
and I'm very appreciative of that!
(I plan on doing the same for our boys!)

Only problem is ... now I share my birthday with the best birthday present ever.
(and rightfully so) - the day is all about him. 

He picks the cake.
He blows out the candles.
He gets the balloons.
He sits at the head of the table.
and it is SOOO wonderful to watch the joy on his face --
as he opens his presents.
stuffs his little belly full of sugar,
and squeals with delight as he opens his presents.

I love every.single.minute. of HIS birthday.
but it's not MY birthday.

So, as selfish as it sounds - sharing your birthday sucks.
but no big deal --
I'm (un)officially changing my birthday to Valentine's Day.

Take note friends (and MOM) ... My birthday is now the 14th!

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Monday, February 6, 2012

How to freeze Cookie Dough

I had one of those "why didn't think I think of this sooner" moments the other day!
I made these cookies to take to a friends house.
But the recipe made a lot more than I planned on taking ...
and I knew if I made them all - I would eat them. right.then.
because they are THAT good.

So I froze them.
and they were just as delicious the next day.
and one week after that.

I'll never buy refrigerated cookie dough again.

Make your cookie dough. (This recipe is DELICIOUS!)
Use your cookie scoop and put them on a cookie sheet like you normally would.
Fill that bad boy up -- you aren't baking them, so they don't need room.

Then stick the cookie sheet in the freezer until they are nice and frozen!
Take them out of the freezer and place them in a labeled Ziploc bag!
*make sure you get all the air out - I use a straw to suck the remaining out.

That's it! :)

Now you have perfectly delicious cookies on a moment's notice!
You know, in case someone stops by for "tea" and crumpets.
Or you just want one (or five) after dinner while you watch Netflix.

When you are ready to cook them ...
just thaw them while your oven is pre-heating
and cook them for one minute longer than normal!

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Friday, February 3, 2012

Birthday Weekend!

 It's a big weekend around here!
It's OUR birthday weekend!
 yup, Wild Man and I share a birthday!!
He'll be two.
I'll be 26.
(and officially closer to 30 than I am 20)

Dear Wild Man - I spent my 24th birthday in excruciating pain. 
You are welcome! :) and you were SO worth it!

I can't believe my baby is going to be 2...
where did the time go?!

ok -- that's not entirely true ... sometimes I think,
"holy cow - we have a 5.5 month old, he's not two yet?
what were we thinking?"
HAHA!! Kidding. Sort of.

We'll be spending our morning at the Firefighter museum -
and then the hubs and I are going out for dinner!

No big party this year ... just a fun day filled with family!
but you can find last year's AWESOME 1st birthday here.
The very hungry caterpillar was so much fun! 

Oh and here's a little birthday flashback of my own ....  
 Check out those curls! and that awesome highchair! 
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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Toddler Fun: Bath Rave

I was browsing the Target dollar section (love that aisle),
when I spotted this pack of glow bracelets!
15 sticks for $1 = amazing!!!

 I knew Wild Man would LOVE them!
He thought they were "pow pow" sticks --
which is what he calls anything straight and hard that he can use to chase the dog
and taunt his brother.
oh boys will be boys.

After I pried the "pow pow" stick from his evil little fingers, 
we checked out and went on our way!
On the way home I remembered a pinterest post about glow sticks in the bath!
I couldn't wait to try it!

So after dinner, we Nelson ran to the bath!
We clicked the glow bracelets and turned off the lights!

Let the bath rave begin ....

Wild Man had SO much fun - 
and Little H enjoyed watching all the crazy colors!

This will definitely be something we do again!
we have 12 sticks left, after all! :) 

p.s. please excuse the crazy/crappy photos! 
I tried EVERY setting possible and could not get a good picture for the life of me. 
You photogs out there - what am I doing wrong?!

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Valentine's Day Mix!

I love all the Valentine's Day Treats that are floating around pinterest,
but when I saw this post by my friend Natalie over at Johnny in a Dress,
I knew this was the one I wanted to try!

It's simple.
and delicious.
and perfect for those little {grimy} toddler fingers!

Natalie said it kept her daughter Harper entertained for 30 minutes ....
and you see, her Harper and my Wild Man - they are one in the same --
Adorable, Feisty and BUSY! Very, very busy.
But she was right, Nelson LOVED "helping" mommy make this!

First I gathered my ingredients ...
- Multi-grain Cheerio's
- Mini Marshmallows
- Valentine's Day M&M's.
- Strawberry Frosted Mini Wheats

Her original recipe didn't have the Frosted Mini Wheats - but I really wanted more pink! Hey, don't judge. I live in a house of boys, I have to enjoy pink when and where I can.
and February is one of those months! :)

I put them in separate bowls for Wild Man.

and then asked him to "help me" put them in the BIG jar! 
(we are working on the difference between big and little)

He's not the most efficient worker, haha.
He took a LOT of breaks to eat the ingredients!
But hey, that's part of the fun!

We also used this as a lesson in working with different sized spoons and scoops.
I used a regular spoon, a 1/4 cup measuring cup and a big stirring spoon.

This snack is so yummy, I caught myself snacking on it all day!
and of course, Wild Man LOVED it too!

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