Monday, February 6, 2012

How to freeze Cookie Dough

I had one of those "why didn't think I think of this sooner" moments the other day!
I made these cookies to take to a friends house.
But the recipe made a lot more than I planned on taking ...
and I knew if I made them all - I would eat them. right.then.
because they are THAT good.

So I froze them.
and they were just as delicious the next day.
and one week after that.

I'll never buy refrigerated cookie dough again.

Make your cookie dough. (This recipe is DELICIOUS!)
Use your cookie scoop and put them on a cookie sheet like you normally would.
Fill that bad boy up -- you aren't baking them, so they don't need room.

Then stick the cookie sheet in the freezer until they are nice and frozen!
Take them out of the freezer and place them in a labeled Ziploc bag!
*make sure you get all the air out - I use a straw to suck the remaining out.

That's it! :)

Now you have perfectly delicious cookies on a moment's notice!
You know, in case someone stops by for "tea" and crumpets.
Or you just want one (or five) after dinner while you watch Netflix.

When you are ready to cook them ...
just thaw them while your oven is pre-heating
and cook them for one minute longer than normal!

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