Sunday, February 26, 2012

Kitchen Renovation Part Two: The Inspiration

I hope everyone had an amazing weekend!
The hubs and I have been having a weekly date night & it's been AMAZING!
This weekend we tried a Spanish Tapas Restaurant here in Oklahoma City - DELISH!
If you're ever in OKC - go try Bolero in Bricktown!

Now on to the kitchen!!
I showed you our UGLY 90's kitchen here.
Pretty bad, huh?
Not much longer!!
Here is what we're hoping it will look like in about a month ...

ok, yeah right.
To go from this ....
to this ....

that would take LOTS of thousands of dollars ... LOTS.
and we're sticking to a strict budget.
$4000 to be exact.
Which IS (absolutely) a lot of money to us. A LOT!
But in the grand scheme of kitchen renovation?
it's just a drop in the bucket.

So what ARE we changing?

Here's our Master To-Do list:
- Granite Countertops (which is coming in about 2/3 of our budget!)
- Paint Cabinets white - DIY (our cabinets are in good shape, just ugly!)
- Replace all hardware (brushed nickel)
- New light fixtures
- New backsplash
- New Tile - DIY
- New undermounted sink
- New Pull out Faucet
- New pantry door 

 Ohhhh I can't wait!!
The guys come on Friday to make the template for our counters!

Stay tuned for LOTS of tutorials and updates!
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  1. Final goal is AWESOME! You can do it! Can't wait to see it :) -Melissa

  2. Wow, the new kitchen is going to look Great!!

    New follower from Mom Blog Monday Blog Hop.

  3. Hi, Found you in the Blog Hop, New GFC Follower, Hope you can follow me back and check out my posts

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  5. Great job!! I really appreciate your work because you did this work own.Your project inspire me to do remodeling of my home also.Thanks for sharing.

  6. Wow.. Beautiful kitchen designs! I had gone in thoughts of designing my kitchen like this way.


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