Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Let me tell you my theory on potty training ...
I don't have one.
Wild Man JUST turned two and we aren't pushing it at all.
He's not ready.
and I'm in no hurry.

But, he normally tells us when he goes "caca" in his diaper.
(nice word, huh?)  
Thanks husband.

and when he doesn't have a diaper on -
he'll {normally} tell us when he has to go potty. 
We've only had a few slip ups.

One time was in a dresser drawer at a hotel.
Yes, he pooped in a dresser drawer.
He was so proud!
I gagged.
Fly Boy laughed.
Boys are so weird. 

and this morning --
he pooped in the bathtub.

I've heard boys do this.
I've been preparing myself for months.
so today when I saw those little huge floating logs ...
did I stay calm and cool?

Heck no.
I screamed.
and covered my mouth in horror.
and gagged.
and generally jumped around like a 12 year old girl that just saw a cockroach.

and then I contemplated leaving it there until the hubs got home.
you know, to show him what I do all day! :)
but the smell was unbearable.
so I scrubbed. and scrubbed some more ...
while I had a nice long chat with my 2 year old about the importance of going IN the potty!
not the bath.
he just laughed.

oh well, at least my kid's not the only one ... her's did it too

Well, I'm off to Clorox bath toys. 
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  1. Oh, E has pooped in the tub too. I had the same reaction when she did it! Oh, and I have the same theory on potty training...

  2. for whatever reason, my niece did the same thing. where do they get this idea from?!?! skeeved me out more than it did her mother.


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