Tuesday, February 7, 2012

(sometimes) sharing sucks!

The minute you become a mom, your life is no longer about you!
Your daily needs are pushed to the side -
and you push all your focus towards your family.
With two under two, I'm lucky if I shower.
If I shave or do my hair - it's a REALLY good day! :)

But you get one day a year that's YOURS.
One day a year, where the kids bring you breakfast in bed...
where the husband brings you flowers or takes you out to dinner.
One day where you get to blow out the candles, sit at the head of the table,
and eat all the cake and ice cream you want.
whatever cake YOU want.
One day a year, on your BIRTHDAY - it's all about you.
(maybe two days - if your family actually remembers mother's day, haha). 

I'm a celebrating kind of girl - and my birthday is no exception.
I LOVE celebrating my birthday!
My parents always made it really special for us!
and I'm very appreciative of that!
(I plan on doing the same for our boys!)

Only problem is ... now I share my birthday with the best birthday present ever.
(and rightfully so) - the day is all about him. 

He picks the cake.
He blows out the candles.
He gets the balloons.
He sits at the head of the table.
and it is SOOO wonderful to watch the joy on his face --
as he opens his presents.
stuffs his little belly full of sugar,
and squeals with delight as he opens his presents.

I love every.single.minute. of HIS birthday.
but it's not MY birthday.

So, as selfish as it sounds - sharing your birthday sucks.
but no big deal --
I'm (un)officially changing my birthday to Valentine's Day.

Take note friends (and MOM) ... My birthday is now the 14th!

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  1. you should have told me before I sent you your card! I would have waited until next week if I had known :)

  2. I totally understand! My birthday falls on Mothers Day every couple of years. It was fine when I was a little kid, but then it happened in middle school. Instead of hanging out with my friends, I had to go to a family lunch. It stunk! Enjoy your "new" birthday that's coming up soon :)

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