Saturday, March 31, 2012


Here are 5 excuses reasons that I haven't been blogging lately ... 

1. I had my wisdom teeth extracted. all four. I look like a chipmunk and the meds make my skin itch and act like a crazy person. It's all around not pretty!

2. I've also been doing a LOT of this ....
 dang those crappy old baseboards with too many gaps!

3. and we've been making a LOT of messes ....

4. I've also been putting the final touches on Wild Man's room.
I can't wait to show you!

5. but most importantly, I have been trying to soak up every day with these two - 
because they are getting WAY too big, WAY too fast!

so, there you have it ...
a few good reasons why I've been MIA! 

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Gallery Wall Inspiration & a Start

I was hoping to show y'all more of the playroom today --
but the terrible weather here (Oklahoma) means we're stuck inside.
and that means the playroom is definitely not picture worthy.
I am, however, VERY thankful to have a place to play inside ...
a place to contain wild man.
and a room where I can shut the door and ignore the mess! :)

But instead I'll show you another project I'm working on --
A Gallery Wall in the living room! 
We have a VERY large wall behind the couch - 
and it needs something GRAND.
and since huge art is NOT in the budget --
a gallery wall will work perfectly!

There are so many ways to create a gallery wall -
just do a Google search and you'll find several tutorials.
Too many maybe. 
It may just confuse you.
I mean, me. :)

That's my problem --
too many options!

I thought I'd share a few with you ...

This is one of my favorites!
I love how it looks as if the frames were collected (effortlessly) over time. 

I like this one too ... the layout is fabulous and same frames but different sizes.
It looks so modern and crisp. and I LOVE the white, it really allows the pictures inside the mats to pop!

I LOVE this map wall -- how fun would this be in our playroom?!

Beautiful & Large!! -- This is the size I'm thinking for ours!
I like they are all the same color but different frames!

and this is unique -- all hanging from one curtain rod! :)
You could certainly DIY this ...

Swoon. So elegant. I wish I were brave enough for dark walls.

This one includes several pieces of DIY art (with tutorials).
You should definitely check it out!
I like the mix of DIY and photos ... 

So you see -- I like SO many different kinds -- 
that I'm kind of stuck.

In our old house we had a gallery wall - 
with just pictures of our little family.
There was no rhyme or reason to the positioning.
The frames didn't match and I kept adding new pictures when the mood struck.
But I loved it SO much --
and it was definitely a statement piece when people walked in.

But this time, I {think} I want something a little more planned out --
with a little more "organization" - 
more uniformity. 
A nice mixture of photos and DIY projects.

oh - and the hubs just wants pictures.
He's not big on these trends of subway art and vintage bookpaper.
boo - what does he know?! :) 

So although I don't know what I'm putting IN the frames - 
or how I'm arranging them --
this is what I have decided ...
1. In order to keep the cost down -- I'll be using the VERY large collection of frames that I already have. Most are from thrift stores, garage sales and Hobby Lobby. Besides one or two new frames (that I bought half off at HL), none cost more than $1.00.

2. Since the frames will not be the same -- I do want the color to be the same.
I have spray painted them all white ... to match the new trim & mantle that I'm currently painting. Well, that I started painting and should be finishing.
but I'd rather be pinning. :)
Isn't that how it always goes?!

So I started on those two things today.
Lots of mismatched frames & white spray paint ....

Disclaimer: Ignore the redneck backyard with toys spread everywhere ... 
I had to entertain Wild Man somehow while I was spray painting my life away -
and he LOVES "pasepall".

So after a LOT of rambling, that's where I'm at - 
a huge (almost empty) pile of white frames!

and now I'm headed back to Pinterest ...
I want these bad boys up by the weekend!

Which one is your favorite?
Do you have a gallery wall?
What works for you?
Help a sister out.

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Monday, March 19, 2012

Playroom Reveal: Dress Up Area

The playroom is almost completely done -- (finally!)
I just have curtains to hem and hang ...
a chalkboard to make (tutorial coming)...
and art to put on the walls (most of which is DIY and involves Wild Man).

So until then -- I'll show you some of the parts that are complete.
and first up - The Dress Up Area.

oh and in case you were wondering (ahem. my husband!) -- 
dress up is not just for girls! :)
and while we don't have the adorable princess dresses and crowns -
we do have Fire Man jackets, cowboy hats and pirate swords!

So here it is ...
The playroom dress up Area!
 Looking at this - I still need some art or something above the pegs. 
Maybe the words Imagine? or Pretend?

The peg hooks are from Hobby Lobby.
They were $5 for both during a half off wood week.

I let Wild Man help me paint them and then I screwed them into the wall. 

The dress up cloths are mainly Melissa and Doug.
A little pricey - but the quality is amazing!!

The big "tub" is from Target and it was $5.99.
 It's the perfect solution for all the misc. dress up gear.
It's easy for Wild Man to clean it up himself - you just throw it in! :)
Well that's the theory anyways. 
He hasn't quite caught on.

The mirror was $5 at Walmart and it's attached with Command Strips. 
 I think looking at himself is his favorite part.

My dad once told me that I'd never met a mirror I didn't like it.
What can I say -- the boy takes after his momma! :) 
So what do you think??
Am I missing anything??

 My toughest critic said I hit a homerun.
Wild Man LOVES it!!

Oh and stay tuned -- tomorrow I'll show you the DIY Magnet Board!

A little Kitchen Update!

Well, it's official.
We're 100% committed to this kitchen renovation!
Here's another BEFORE shot --
 We've paid for the granite.
It was tough choosing a color -- but we finally agreed on one.
I'll post about that separately - as a lot of factors played in to that decision.
and we've taken off the old counter top.

{what a pain)

you see, apparently -- pink laminate is not only beautiful (haha!) but it's VERY light.
and granite - well, it's heavy. {duh!}
and our measly little supports weren't going to hold it.

So we had to hire a handyman to build supports.
(Thanks Darren!)
For a hot minute I considered doing it myself -
but in the end, it was worth every penny of $40 buckaroos.
Yes, $40.00. We got lucky. Very lucky.
I'll also post about that -- you know, in case you have the same problem.

But now we're ready to roll.
and Pal is here making our template as we speak.

The only bad news -- they are super backed up.
So we have to wait FOUR weeks for the actual installation.

Looks like we're living without counter tops for a very long month.
Oh well, it's a good excuse to not cook! :)
and to head to the big orange for some plywood.
(which I can then turn into a play market for Wild Man)

But now it's crunch time ... I have four weeks to paint this bad boy.
I've picked out a green for the walls. It's BRIGHT!
and I've mapped out a plan to tackle the cabinets!
yes, it involves oil. (ugh!)
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Thursday, March 8, 2012

You're my Pot of Gold

I love holidays!
I'm not that big into the holiday decor - I need to get better!
But I do love the holiday themed treats!

So when I saw these ADORABLE little favors, 
I had to make them INSTANTLY! :) 

I have a lot of nieces & nephews that are going to love getting these in the mail!
(at least I hope they will!)
Our Target didn't have the rainbow Twizzlers -
I found them at a local grocery store, 
but the gold coins were in the dollar bin at Target! :)
The pretzel bags are at any craft store (take a coupon!).
You can download (FREE!) super cute tags here 
but I wanted ours a little more personal --
so I just whipped up a semi-ghetto version in Word (haha)
and then used a 2" punch to cut them out!
I can't wait to hear how they like them!
Now I'm off to the post office! :)

and tomorrow -- 
I'll show you what I did with this bad boy...

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Going Green is hard.

In the dining room, that is.

We are in search of the PERFECT green eat-in kitchen!
and it's WAY harder than we ever imagined!!

Proof: This is what my kitchen wall looks like!!

and this is what I'm working with .... Thank goodness for samples!
Who knew there were SO many different shades of green???

You see, all of our inspiration kitchens were GREEN!!!

but finding the perfect green for US seems to be quite tricky! :)

I think I've finally decided on one ...
 but then again, I'm sure I'll change my mind one million times.

Going Green is hard. :)
Do you have a favorite green I should try??
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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Harrison's Half Birthday

I can't believe it's been 6 months! 

Dear Harrison, 

Happy Half Birthday!

My how time has flown with you! You've already lived in two different states (welcome to the military life) and you've already flown on two airplanes!! Are you going to be my little traveler?!

We always thought that you were going to the be the sweet, easy going child since you were such a happy baby! But I'm starting to think I was wrong! :) You are wild, my love. You are demanding. You are spoiled. You don't like baby food. You don't like anyone but your momma and you won't sleep alone! But that's ok with me -- I wouldn't have it any other way!!! 

Soon enough you will be too big to need me!

I love to watch your little big personality emerge more and more every day! You growl (yes, like an animal) when you don't get your way and you have quite the temper for such a little man! You've been rolling over for 3 months now and sitting up for one month - but you're really ready to start moving so that you can keep up with your big brother! 

You already love stealing his toys and pulling his hair! :)

You have the best smile -- when you smile, your whole face lights up and I can't help but smile back! I can't wait to watch you grow up, and I pray that you and your brother are best friends forever.

I will love you forever,

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