Thursday, March 22, 2012

Gallery Wall Inspiration & a Start

I was hoping to show y'all more of the playroom today --
but the terrible weather here (Oklahoma) means we're stuck inside.
and that means the playroom is definitely not picture worthy.
I am, however, VERY thankful to have a place to play inside ...
a place to contain wild man.
and a room where I can shut the door and ignore the mess! :)

But instead I'll show you another project I'm working on --
A Gallery Wall in the living room! 
We have a VERY large wall behind the couch - 
and it needs something GRAND.
and since huge art is NOT in the budget --
a gallery wall will work perfectly!

There are so many ways to create a gallery wall -
just do a Google search and you'll find several tutorials.
Too many maybe. 
It may just confuse you.
I mean, me. :)

That's my problem --
too many options!

I thought I'd share a few with you ...

This is one of my favorites!
I love how it looks as if the frames were collected (effortlessly) over time. 

I like this one too ... the layout is fabulous and same frames but different sizes.
It looks so modern and crisp. and I LOVE the white, it really allows the pictures inside the mats to pop!

I LOVE this map wall -- how fun would this be in our playroom?!

Beautiful & Large!! -- This is the size I'm thinking for ours!
I like they are all the same color but different frames!

and this is unique -- all hanging from one curtain rod! :)
You could certainly DIY this ...

Swoon. So elegant. I wish I were brave enough for dark walls.

This one includes several pieces of DIY art (with tutorials).
You should definitely check it out!
I like the mix of DIY and photos ... 

So you see -- I like SO many different kinds -- 
that I'm kind of stuck.

In our old house we had a gallery wall - 
with just pictures of our little family.
There was no rhyme or reason to the positioning.
The frames didn't match and I kept adding new pictures when the mood struck.
But I loved it SO much --
and it was definitely a statement piece when people walked in.

But this time, I {think} I want something a little more planned out --
with a little more "organization" - 
more uniformity. 
A nice mixture of photos and DIY projects.

oh - and the hubs just wants pictures.
He's not big on these trends of subway art and vintage bookpaper.
boo - what does he know?! :) 

So although I don't know what I'm putting IN the frames - 
or how I'm arranging them --
this is what I have decided ...
1. In order to keep the cost down -- I'll be using the VERY large collection of frames that I already have. Most are from thrift stores, garage sales and Hobby Lobby. Besides one or two new frames (that I bought half off at HL), none cost more than $1.00.

2. Since the frames will not be the same -- I do want the color to be the same.
I have spray painted them all white ... to match the new trim & mantle that I'm currently painting. Well, that I started painting and should be finishing.
but I'd rather be pinning. :)
Isn't that how it always goes?!

So I started on those two things today.
Lots of mismatched frames & white spray paint ....

Disclaimer: Ignore the redneck backyard with toys spread everywhere ... 
I had to entertain Wild Man somehow while I was spray painting my life away -
and he LOVES "pasepall".

So after a LOT of rambling, that's where I'm at - 
a huge (almost empty) pile of white frames!

and now I'm headed back to Pinterest ...
I want these bad boys up by the weekend!

Which one is your favorite?
Do you have a gallery wall?
What works for you?
Help a sister out.

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  1. I went with the random look. All of my frames are brown (some spray painted, some purchased). My frames contain family pictures. I thought about adding in random "things" within the gallery too - a cross, a "D" for our last name...I decided random because it was easy to go cheap. I can buy a frame here and there as I have pictures to add to the wall.


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