Monday, March 19, 2012

A little Kitchen Update!

Well, it's official.
We're 100% committed to this kitchen renovation!
Here's another BEFORE shot --
 We've paid for the granite.
It was tough choosing a color -- but we finally agreed on one.
I'll post about that separately - as a lot of factors played in to that decision.
and we've taken off the old counter top.

{what a pain)

you see, apparently -- pink laminate is not only beautiful (haha!) but it's VERY light.
and granite - well, it's heavy. {duh!}
and our measly little supports weren't going to hold it.

So we had to hire a handyman to build supports.
(Thanks Darren!)
For a hot minute I considered doing it myself -
but in the end, it was worth every penny of $40 buckaroos.
Yes, $40.00. We got lucky. Very lucky.
I'll also post about that -- you know, in case you have the same problem.

But now we're ready to roll.
and Pal is here making our template as we speak.

The only bad news -- they are super backed up.
So we have to wait FOUR weeks for the actual installation.

Looks like we're living without counter tops for a very long month.
Oh well, it's a good excuse to not cook! :)
and to head to the big orange for some plywood.
(which I can then turn into a play market for Wild Man)

But now it's crunch time ... I have four weeks to paint this bad boy.
I've picked out a green for the walls. It's BRIGHT!
and I've mapped out a plan to tackle the cabinets!
yes, it involves oil. (ugh!)
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  1. Very excited to see the final product! Home renovations are so much fun, you will be so thankful to have before and after shots!


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