Saturday, March 31, 2012


Here are 5 excuses reasons that I haven't been blogging lately ... 

1. I had my wisdom teeth extracted. all four. I look like a chipmunk and the meds make my skin itch and act like a crazy person. It's all around not pretty!

2. I've also been doing a LOT of this ....
 dang those crappy old baseboards with too many gaps!

3. and we've been making a LOT of messes ....

4. I've also been putting the final touches on Wild Man's room.
I can't wait to show you!

5. but most importantly, I have been trying to soak up every day with these two - 
because they are getting WAY too big, WAY too fast!

so, there you have it ...
a few good reasons why I've been MIA! 

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  1. Can't think of a better reason for you to be MIA :) Enjoy those little guys!


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