Thursday, March 8, 2012

You're my Pot of Gold

I love holidays!
I'm not that big into the holiday decor - I need to get better!
But I do love the holiday themed treats!

So when I saw these ADORABLE little favors, 
I had to make them INSTANTLY! :) 

I have a lot of nieces & nephews that are going to love getting these in the mail!
(at least I hope they will!)
Our Target didn't have the rainbow Twizzlers -
I found them at a local grocery store, 
but the gold coins were in the dollar bin at Target! :)
The pretzel bags are at any craft store (take a coupon!).
You can download (FREE!) super cute tags here 
but I wanted ours a little more personal --
so I just whipped up a semi-ghetto version in Word (haha)
and then used a 2" punch to cut them out!
I can't wait to hear how they like them!
Now I'm off to the post office! :)

and tomorrow -- 
I'll show you what I did with this bad boy...

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