Monday, April 30, 2012

{OLD} Friends Matter

I'm a girl that LOVES my friends!! and no matter where I've lived -  God has blessed me with some amazing women to call "friends"!
Ashley is the first "best friend" that I can really remember. Ashley was a feisty red-headed, middle child that could throw a softball further than most adults! :) We wore matching outfits, had a secret club, went on each others family vacations and played HOURS/YEARS of Softball together!

Then middle school came and I met Melissa & Melanie. Melissa was a preppy, BRILLIANT daughter of a Southern Baptist Minister. Melanie was a sweet, peppy cheerleader that could always make you smile! I was an athletic clothes wearing, tom-boy who barely brushed my hair. We were the three peas in a pod!  We spent evenings chatting about boys & jumping on the bed dancing to FIVE. (does anyone else remember this terrible English boy band?)  WE LOVED THEM! I mean, with lyrics like "5 bad boys with the power to rock you ..." how could you resist?

Then Melanie moved away.
and Krystyn moved to town.
Melissa, Krystyn & I quickly became the Three-Headed Monster. We were inseparable all through High school! Boys came and went - lots of boys :) but we were always there for each other! 
We were church going, curfew breaking high school girls and we were best friends! 
Then college came in the Fall of 2004 and the three of us went our separate ways - Tennessee, Alabama and South Carolina! But even though we were in 3 different states - we managed to meet up once a semester, for weekends that became known as "3-headed monster reunions". 
Today we live in Oklahoma, Lousiana & Texas but our friendship remains as strong as ever!
Then the college years came ... and the first few months I was soooo wrapped up in my college boyfriend that I didn't have time for "girlfriends"... but then I met sweet Megan Ray in Geology Lab. Megan Ray is a Southern girl with the sweetest accent you've ever heard - a girl who didn't leave the house without full hair/make-up and heels - a girl that quickly became my college best friend!
Megan was in a sorority (KD!!) and introduced me to all of her friends! I had forgotten how amazing "girl friendships" are. How important they are.
Our "group" got bigger by the day - 
Megan, Mary Lee, Lexie, Jessica, Addie, Glennie, Christina, Brooke, Sara  -
these are the girls that helped me survive college - the break-ups, the wild days, the self-discovery ... they were there through it all. and I loved them dearly!

And then I met George.

The handsome boy that (quickly) stole heart.
and we got married.
and had babies.
and moved a million times.
and I started a blog.
and I'm renovating a house.
and hosting playgroups.
and I lost touch with my "girlfriends' again.

But thankfully, this weekend - friendships were rekindled.
and even though I hadn't seen these girls in TWO years.
or talked to them in at least a year.
Things hadn't changed.

Actually, everything in our lives have changed.
They all have great jobs.
and handsome boyfriends.
and some have even bought houses.
but our friendship hadn't changed --
in fact, it was just like old times.
(only now we have more responsibility, some wrinkles & student loans)
We laughed. We partied. We talked about boys men. :)
And we all made a promise to be better at staying at touch.

Because friends matter.
They really, really do.

Husbands are great.
Children are wonderful.
but you need your friends.
Friends keep you sane.
They laugh with you -
and they laugh at you.
They hold you accountable.

So what about you?
Have you lost touch with some old friends?
If not, how do you stay in touch?


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Suspicious Activity :)

If you tried to check out the 'ol blog in the past few days, you probably noticed it was gone!!! Don't worry, I would never leave without a formal goodbye. How rude. Apparently, Google found "suspicious activity" in my account, so they simply removed it. But I've verified I'm the owner, changed my passwords and I think I'm back in action! :)

Now if only I could get these posts up ... 
I have SO much to tell you!!! 

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Priorities & Diet Coke

A little diddy about Priorities.

All week long, the news had been warning us of a tornado filled weekend -
but I had NO idea - because we only watch Barney around here.
Or Netflix.
So when my friend told me - I about peed my pants.
Tornadoes absolutely scare this East Coast girl.
Well, I do now - because I live in Tornado alley! :(
Anyways. I decided I needed to be more prepared.
you know, at the last minute. haha. kind of ironic, isn't it?!

So the boys and I hurried to walmart to buy supplies.
What did we buy?
Well, that's another post --
when I give you a low down of our (almost complete) emergency kit.

As we walked out of the store,
my cart loaded with screaming children & emergency supplies -
it started to rain, to pour actually!
Then as we were driving home, it started to hail!

Traffic was horrible and the weather was getting worse - but we were almost home....
I whipped that light blue baby in the garage...
(which I spent ALL afternoon cleaning so that we could actually use it)
and started to get the kids in the house -
The plan was to put them down for a nap so that I could "organize" my Emergency Kit in peace.
I was weirdly excited about this and I didn't want to forget anything!

But then I heard it.
The tornado sirens.
Panic set in.
What do I do?

So I started running.... Instinct kicked in.
I grabbed two bike helmuts from the garage and put the kids in the bathtub!
Then I grabbed a crib mattress and placed it over them.
Then I threw ALL the grocery bags in there with us -
 that's where all my "emergency" stuff was anyways.
and hey, if the tornado took my stuff, at least I'd have a Rotisserie chicken. :)

Then I grabbed a pillow, blanket, chargers, my computer (pictures!), a radio, sippy cups and some toys and ran into the bathroom, completely drenched in sweat, and collapsed on the floor, holding my babies.

Sirens still sounding.

By the way -- all of this was like 3 minutes, seriously. I was so fast.
It is amazing what a mother can accomplish when her babies are in danger.

But then it hit me. If I was going to be stuck in this bathroom wearing helmuts, holding two screaming babies, praying we didn't die - then I was going to need a Diet Coke.

So you better bet your little booty that I sprinted out (with my helmut on!!) of the bathroom - grabbed a diet coke and ran back in! Lightning speed I tell you...

I kind of felt like Katniss at the start of the Hunger Games -- you know, when they launched her into the arena and she has to decide if she's going to run to the cornucopia filled with all the survival stuff -- or run the other way. Clearly I would go to the cornucopia.... What a risk taker I am! ;)

My survival weapon? Diet Coke.
My danger? Not Careers but tornados. Scary, scary Tornadoes.

and yes, I can totally relate ANY situation in my life to the Hunger Games series. I'm currently obsessed. As in, stay up until 2 am or ignore my screaming child, obsessed.
I kid. Sort of.

My children are obviously first -- but man, Diet Coke comes in at a close second.
So what would you grab?? 

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Saturday, April 14, 2012

DIY Doily Air Freshner

We have a dog .... and while we bathe him regularly,
I'm always afraid that our house smells like dog!
or maybe more like diapers - it's a toss up.
and since there is nothing worse than a stinky house,
I'm a BIG fan of things that make my house smell yummy!

So when I found this tutorial online for a DIY Air Freshner,
I had to give it a try! :) It looked simple enough.

But then I ran into a few problems --
luckily I found a solution for every problem ...
and I love the final result so much more than I thought I would.
Oh - and it actually smells great -- so that's a bonus! :)

Problem #1: I didn't have any essential oils.
Solution: Hobby Lobby, Lavender Essential Oil ($6.99 + 40% off coupon)
(Tip: Candle/Soap making aisle)

Problem #2: I didn't have a cute mason jar.
Solution: An old minced garlic jar that I was saving for the perfect project.
Here was that project.

Problem #3: I didn't want tin foil because you would see mine -- I wanted something pretty! :)
Solution: A vintage Doily from my Grandmother & some twine.

So here's my DIY Doily Air Freshner --
Totally Adorable.
 Absolutely Simple.
and my room smells of lavenders, not dog. or diapers.

So, want to make your own Air Freshner?

You need:
- Baking Soda
- Any Glass Jar
- Doily
- Twine (or ribbon)
- Essential Oils (found at any craft store)
Just fill your small glass jar about 1/3 to 1/2 full and add about 8-10 drops of Essential Oils. You can always add more - but be careful not to put too much! Unless of course, you want to drown in a field of lavenders. Then use the whole bottle. :)

Also - just stir it up when the smell starts to fade and it will be awesome again!
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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Playroom Reveal Part 2: Art Station

I've slowly been finishing up the playroom.
Unfortunately, Slowly is the key word for every project around here!

I showed you the Dress Up Station last week --
so this week, I thought I'd show you the art station!

I pulled it together for less than $40 --
and it doesn't take up any floor space --
so if you don't have a playroom, no worries --
 you could put this anywhere you have some walls!
(like a hallway, upstairs foyer, kitchen island, etc!)

So here it is: 
The playroom Art Center! 
 and here are the details -- in case you're interested! :)
The white dry-erase board is from Hobby Lobby ($12.99 + 40% off coupon). The blue board is a magnetic chalkboard! I purchased an oil drip pan for $8 at an auto store - then used clean metal primer ($7 Home Depot) and Martha Stewart Chalkboard Paint (Michaels $5.99 + 40% off coupon) to make it pretty! They are both attached to the wall with 3M Command strips - and so far (2-3 months with a LOT of toddler boy abuse), they are holding up great!
 Command hooks and a dollar aisle pail hold the dry erase crayons & chalk!
 Above that, I have a place to display all his artwork!!
 This magnetic strip came from Ikea. It was originally orange but a little spray paint fixed that! I found these large clothespins on clearance at Michaels (.25) and just hot glued a magnet to the back. Wild Man LOVES to hang his art up there - so everyone can see! :) He's already so proud, it's cute!

I love it all - but I think these Silhouettes are my favorite part!!
I'll post a tutorial soon - but they were both finger painted by Wild Man.
 Then I just framed the canvas! :)

 So there you have it -- another section of the playroom! :)
 and definitely one of the favorites! :)

Now if only I could be motivated to finish the trim.

So what do you think??
What's your favorite part?
What am I forgetting?
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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Unexpected Fun.

I don't know about you,  but our weeknights are pretty uneventful.
Well, let's rephrase that, uneventful would be an understatement -- diaper explosions, temper tantrums and trying to drown each other in the bath does not qualify for "uneventful".

Since the hubs started flight school two years ago --
and while the boys still go to bed {relatively} early --
are weeknights are pretty much the same.
The hubs gets home, we eat dinner.
Then he studies for HOURS!!!!
After a walk or some "paseball" in the backyard,
I get the kids ready for bed -
Then around 9, the hubs emerges from the study cave,
and we watch some Netflix together before bed.
(while he goes over his flash cards of course!)
Exciting, huh?

So when the hubs came home last night (EARLY!), 
and said "Want to go watch a baseball game?".
I instantly yelled, YES! :) 
Ignoring the fact that the game was at 7 ...
and that's when little H goes to bed, 
or the fact Wild Man hadn't napped and was probably going to be cranky --
those were insignificant details.
I was ready for some good family fun to spice up my week!
I loaded up the diaper bag with snacks,
pulled the dusty picnic blanket out of the garage -
found Wild Man's hat & glove --
and off we went ... to the "paseball game"!

We decided to purchase the lawn tickets,
so that Wild Man could run -
and we could sprawl out! :)
Luckily, it was a cloudy Tuesday - and pretty empty!
Wild Man was in HEAVEN! 
 He ran and played and pretended to be one of the players,
 for THREE hours!! until he crashed ....

Even Little H had fun -
 crawling around, watching his crazy brother!

It was such a nice change of pace!
The boy's first baseball game -- a night we'll never forget!

Have you done something unexpected lately?
A change of pace is good for the soul. :)
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Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012 Recap!

He is Risen! 
He is Risen, Indeed.
I hope you had a wonderful Easter Weekend!
We sure did ...
It was laid back with lots of family time.

Warning: Photo Overload.
(You're welcome, mom!)

We started a new tradition this year ....
The Easter bunny comes to our house on Saturday --
that way we are able to spend Sunday focusing on the real meaning of Easter.
and just spending time together as a family.  

(My husband's was a "game night" theme)

Nelson loved his basket -
especially the "paseball glove" and kite!

Harrison just loved the Easter grass
(and stealing his brother's stuff).

Saturday morning we went to an Easter Egg Hunt at my husband's squadron!
 I'm not sure what Wild Man loved more ....
the airplanes or the candy filled eggs!

We waited in line to see the Easter Bunny,
Wild Man was NOT a fan ... (haha).
and  Little H was just trying to figure out who this weird looking bunny was ....

On Sundays, the babies slept until 8!! (woo hooo!)
Then we got all dressed up for church...
 Matching Seersucker.
A preppy Mom Easter staple.

After church we headed to the park for some pictures --
BEFORE they ruined their cute outfits at lunch!  

Wild Man is very anti-camera these days ....
which makes getting a good picture difficult!

He just wanted to run--
and I can't say that I blame him ....
that green, luscious park was very inviting!

Little H was loving the grass!
(and all the attention!)

while Nelson was much more into picking flowers ....
 and trying to choke me ...
 (don't let that sweet grin of his deceive you!)

There was a lot of "exploring" with Daddy ....
 and even some "bug hunts" with Mommy!
There was a lot of running!
 and throwing!
We tried a self portrait ... but it just made our noses look huge, haha.
  a few minutes of brotherly bonding ....
followed by snot-nosed crying --
and this is when we gave up.
so 145 pictures, 2 screaming babies & 1 grumpy husband  later--
 I had 10 keepers! :)
and a lot of funny memories.
So, I'd say it was a success! 

Our fun date at the park was followed by our traditional Sunday lunch at Qdoba. 
(fancy, huh?) haha.
followed by a nice, long family nap.
A quick Easter Egg Hunt.
A family walk.
and a nasty dinner.
(note to self: don't try new recipes on holidays!)

But most importantly -- we celebrated Jesus!
and the true meaning of Easter.
and although it certainly wasn't perfect ...
it was wonderfully imperfect.
 I am soo soo blessed. 
and so grateful for my family.
even the crazy moments...
and the temper tantrums --

*whew* I told you Photo overload!

How was your Easter weekend?
What was your favorite part?
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