Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Great Egg Dying DISASTER!

First of all - I'm LOVING all the feedback I've gotten about yesterday's post!! It's so great to know that I'm not alone, and that SO many of you feel the same way. :) I'll be doing a follow up post next week, addressing so many things you guys messaged/emailed me about! But thank you so much for the comments, emails, messages - I LOVE hearing how you feel too. It means a lot!

Last night I decided to dye Easter Eggs with Wild Man!
How hard can it be, right?? 

The hubs was home entertaining the (newly crawling!!!) little H - 
so Wild Man and I got all ready to dye eggs.
and by ready, I clearly mean naked.
well, let's rephrase that ....
HE got naked!
I stayed clothed ---
 for the good of humanity! ;)
I hard boiled the eggs, read the directions and added the dye.
Wild Man was SO excited to "paint eggs".
We put the first egg in and he waited {NOT SO} patiently ... 
for about 2 seconds --
and then he just threw them all in. :)
Quite literally throwing them, might I add! :) 
Such a boy!!

We had a few causalities...

The dye was splashing everywhere.
and he was giggling.
and it was perfect. 

But that is when things started to go terribly wrong.

First of all - only half of the eggs were submerged...
but I decided to let my OCD go and let Wild Man take control. 
He wanted them ALL in, so ALL in it was. 
well, actually only half in. 
haha. :) 

and while it was dying the paper, 
it was NOT dying the eggs.
It was SO strange.
so we waited. and watched. and waited some more.
but the eggs were STILL white.
Wild Man checked one last time -- 
he took his job VERY seriously.
still Nada....
 so we gave up --
put the WHITE eggs back in the carton -
embraced the mess -
and used the dye as paint!
I'd called it a disastrous success.

I'm still not sure what I did wrong ...
I mean, how do you mess up dying Easter Eggs??

I blame it on the cheap Hobby Lobby kit...
so I guess tomorrow we'll try the Kool-aid way...
or maybe we'll just make egg salad??

But seriously -- what did I do wrong??
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  1. some times the dye tabs aren't strong enough and the water dilutes them. Glad to see he had though! We used ones that came with rollers and what a difference!! Less mess (which my son prefers) and Bright colours!

  2. woah! i have NEVER seen eggs stay WHITE in the dye!!! SO WEIRD!!

  3. Too funny! For me, anyway! Good idea letting him be in the buff-! Far less mess! And letting him do his own thing! Sorry the eggs didn't cooperate--but it sounds like you had fun anyway--and the photos! Lol! Blessings, Sharon


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