Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012 Recap!

He is Risen! 
He is Risen, Indeed.
I hope you had a wonderful Easter Weekend!
We sure did ...
It was laid back with lots of family time.

Warning: Photo Overload.
(You're welcome, mom!)

We started a new tradition this year ....
The Easter bunny comes to our house on Saturday --
that way we are able to spend Sunday focusing on the real meaning of Easter.
and just spending time together as a family.  

(My husband's was a "game night" theme)

Nelson loved his basket -
especially the "paseball glove" and kite!

Harrison just loved the Easter grass
(and stealing his brother's stuff).

Saturday morning we went to an Easter Egg Hunt at my husband's squadron!
 I'm not sure what Wild Man loved more ....
the airplanes or the candy filled eggs!

We waited in line to see the Easter Bunny,
Wild Man was NOT a fan ... (haha).
and  Little H was just trying to figure out who this weird looking bunny was ....

On Sundays, the babies slept until 8!! (woo hooo!)
Then we got all dressed up for church...
 Matching Seersucker.
A preppy Mom Easter staple.

After church we headed to the park for some pictures --
BEFORE they ruined their cute outfits at lunch!  

Wild Man is very anti-camera these days ....
which makes getting a good picture difficult!

He just wanted to run--
and I can't say that I blame him ....
that green, luscious park was very inviting!

Little H was loving the grass!
(and all the attention!)

while Nelson was much more into picking flowers ....
 and trying to choke me ...
 (don't let that sweet grin of his deceive you!)

There was a lot of "exploring" with Daddy ....
 and even some "bug hunts" with Mommy!
There was a lot of running!
 and throwing!
We tried a self portrait ... but it just made our noses look huge, haha.
  a few minutes of brotherly bonding ....
followed by snot-nosed crying --
and this is when we gave up.
so 145 pictures, 2 screaming babies & 1 grumpy husband  later--
 I had 10 keepers! :)
and a lot of funny memories.
So, I'd say it was a success! 

Our fun date at the park was followed by our traditional Sunday lunch at Qdoba. 
(fancy, huh?) haha.
followed by a nice, long family nap.
A quick Easter Egg Hunt.
A family walk.
and a nasty dinner.
(note to self: don't try new recipes on holidays!)

But most importantly -- we celebrated Jesus!
and the true meaning of Easter.
and although it certainly wasn't perfect ...
it was wonderfully imperfect.
 I am soo soo blessed. 
and so grateful for my family.
even the crazy moments...
and the temper tantrums --

*whew* I told you Photo overload!

How was your Easter weekend?
What was your favorite part?
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