Monday, April 30, 2012

{OLD} Friends Matter

I'm a girl that LOVES my friends!! and no matter where I've lived -  God has blessed me with some amazing women to call "friends"!
Ashley is the first "best friend" that I can really remember. Ashley was a feisty red-headed, middle child that could throw a softball further than most adults! :) We wore matching outfits, had a secret club, went on each others family vacations and played HOURS/YEARS of Softball together!

Then middle school came and I met Melissa & Melanie. Melissa was a preppy, BRILLIANT daughter of a Southern Baptist Minister. Melanie was a sweet, peppy cheerleader that could always make you smile! I was an athletic clothes wearing, tom-boy who barely brushed my hair. We were the three peas in a pod!  We spent evenings chatting about boys & jumping on the bed dancing to FIVE. (does anyone else remember this terrible English boy band?)  WE LOVED THEM! I mean, with lyrics like "5 bad boys with the power to rock you ..." how could you resist?

Then Melanie moved away.
and Krystyn moved to town.
Melissa, Krystyn & I quickly became the Three-Headed Monster. We were inseparable all through High school! Boys came and went - lots of boys :) but we were always there for each other! 
We were church going, curfew breaking high school girls and we were best friends! 
Then college came in the Fall of 2004 and the three of us went our separate ways - Tennessee, Alabama and South Carolina! But even though we were in 3 different states - we managed to meet up once a semester, for weekends that became known as "3-headed monster reunions". 
Today we live in Oklahoma, Lousiana & Texas but our friendship remains as strong as ever!
Then the college years came ... and the first few months I was soooo wrapped up in my college boyfriend that I didn't have time for "girlfriends"... but then I met sweet Megan Ray in Geology Lab. Megan Ray is a Southern girl with the sweetest accent you've ever heard - a girl who didn't leave the house without full hair/make-up and heels - a girl that quickly became my college best friend!
Megan was in a sorority (KD!!) and introduced me to all of her friends! I had forgotten how amazing "girl friendships" are. How important they are.
Our "group" got bigger by the day - 
Megan, Mary Lee, Lexie, Jessica, Addie, Glennie, Christina, Brooke, Sara  -
these are the girls that helped me survive college - the break-ups, the wild days, the self-discovery ... they were there through it all. and I loved them dearly!

And then I met George.

The handsome boy that (quickly) stole heart.
and we got married.
and had babies.
and moved a million times.
and I started a blog.
and I'm renovating a house.
and hosting playgroups.
and I lost touch with my "girlfriends' again.

But thankfully, this weekend - friendships were rekindled.
and even though I hadn't seen these girls in TWO years.
or talked to them in at least a year.
Things hadn't changed.

Actually, everything in our lives have changed.
They all have great jobs.
and handsome boyfriends.
and some have even bought houses.
but our friendship hadn't changed --
in fact, it was just like old times.
(only now we have more responsibility, some wrinkles & student loans)
We laughed. We partied. We talked about boys men. :)
And we all made a promise to be better at staying at touch.

Because friends matter.
They really, really do.

Husbands are great.
Children are wonderful.
but you need your friends.
Friends keep you sane.
They laugh with you -
and they laugh at you.
They hold you accountable.

So what about you?
Have you lost touch with some old friends?
If not, how do you stay in touch?



  1. This was awesome! My childhood friend just came to visit and it was amazing. She and Angie hit it off and I knew right then that life couldn't be any better. I totally agree with you, friends are just as important as husbands and kids!

  2. Friends are soooo important and although we don't talk as regularly, I'm still so happy that we were friends then, are friends now, and will be in another 15 years! I love you and am sooo happy that you are going to be in my wedding! :)

  3. I love you Whit-Dogg! I'm so happy we've been a part of each others lives for the last... HOLY COW 10 YEARS! Can't wait to have many more years of friendship! Miss you!


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