Thursday, April 12, 2012

Playroom Reveal Part 2: Art Station

I've slowly been finishing up the playroom.
Unfortunately, Slowly is the key word for every project around here!

I showed you the Dress Up Station last week --
so this week, I thought I'd show you the art station!

I pulled it together for less than $40 --
and it doesn't take up any floor space --
so if you don't have a playroom, no worries --
 you could put this anywhere you have some walls!
(like a hallway, upstairs foyer, kitchen island, etc!)

So here it is: 
The playroom Art Center! 
 and here are the details -- in case you're interested! :)
The white dry-erase board is from Hobby Lobby ($12.99 + 40% off coupon). The blue board is a magnetic chalkboard! I purchased an oil drip pan for $8 at an auto store - then used clean metal primer ($7 Home Depot) and Martha Stewart Chalkboard Paint (Michaels $5.99 + 40% off coupon) to make it pretty! They are both attached to the wall with 3M Command strips - and so far (2-3 months with a LOT of toddler boy abuse), they are holding up great!
 Command hooks and a dollar aisle pail hold the dry erase crayons & chalk!
 Above that, I have a place to display all his artwork!!
 This magnetic strip came from Ikea. It was originally orange but a little spray paint fixed that! I found these large clothespins on clearance at Michaels (.25) and just hot glued a magnet to the back. Wild Man LOVES to hang his art up there - so everyone can see! :) He's already so proud, it's cute!

I love it all - but I think these Silhouettes are my favorite part!!
I'll post a tutorial soon - but they were both finger painted by Wild Man.
 Then I just framed the canvas! :)

 So there you have it -- another section of the playroom! :)
 and definitely one of the favorites! :)

Now if only I could be motivated to finish the trim.

So what do you think??
What's your favorite part?
What am I forgetting?
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  1. You are very inspiring. Love, Aunt Dawn

  2. I. LOVE. THE. DRIP PAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've been trying to get a magnetic board in the "toy room" at our house {since Daddy has decided against any toys on the fridge} and this is a MUCH better idea than what I had thought of originally :)

    1. Daddies and their dang anti-toys rule -- what do they know?! :) haha! George has a living room anti-rule. ugh. :( anyways, I'm glad you like it! They are about $8 at any Auto Store and are pretty big -- think 24 x 36. Also - clean metal primer is KEY if you're going to paint it. and make sure you wait the right amount of drying time. I didn't - and had to do it again! :) Can't wait to see it on you blog!


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