Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Priorities & Diet Coke

A little diddy about Priorities.

All week long, the news had been warning us of a tornado filled weekend -
but I had NO idea - because we only watch Barney around here.
Or Netflix.
So when my friend told me - I about peed my pants.
Tornadoes absolutely scare this East Coast girl.
Well, I do now - because I live in Tornado alley! :(
Anyways. I decided I needed to be more prepared.
you know, at the last minute. haha. kind of ironic, isn't it?!

So the boys and I hurried to walmart to buy supplies.
What did we buy?
Well, that's another post --
when I give you a low down of our (almost complete) emergency kit.

As we walked out of the store,
my cart loaded with screaming children & emergency supplies -
it started to rain, to pour actually!
Then as we were driving home, it started to hail!

Traffic was horrible and the weather was getting worse - but we were almost home....
I whipped that light blue baby in the garage...
(which I spent ALL afternoon cleaning so that we could actually use it)
and started to get the kids in the house -
The plan was to put them down for a nap so that I could "organize" my Emergency Kit in peace.
I was weirdly excited about this and I didn't want to forget anything!

But then I heard it.
The tornado sirens.
Panic set in.
What do I do?

So I started running.... Instinct kicked in.
I grabbed two bike helmuts from the garage and put the kids in the bathtub!
Then I grabbed a crib mattress and placed it over them.
Then I threw ALL the grocery bags in there with us -
 that's where all my "emergency" stuff was anyways.
and hey, if the tornado took my stuff, at least I'd have a Rotisserie chicken. :)

Then I grabbed a pillow, blanket, chargers, my computer (pictures!), a radio, sippy cups and some toys and ran into the bathroom, completely drenched in sweat, and collapsed on the floor, holding my babies.

Sirens still sounding.

By the way -- all of this was like 3 minutes, seriously. I was so fast.
It is amazing what a mother can accomplish when her babies are in danger.

But then it hit me. If I was going to be stuck in this bathroom wearing helmuts, holding two screaming babies, praying we didn't die - then I was going to need a Diet Coke.

So you better bet your little booty that I sprinted out (with my helmut on!!) of the bathroom - grabbed a diet coke and ran back in! Lightning speed I tell you...

I kind of felt like Katniss at the start of the Hunger Games -- you know, when they launched her into the arena and she has to decide if she's going to run to the cornucopia filled with all the survival stuff -- or run the other way. Clearly I would go to the cornucopia.... What a risk taker I am! ;)

My survival weapon? Diet Coke.
My danger? Not Careers but tornados. Scary, scary Tornadoes.

and yes, I can totally relate ANY situation in my life to the Hunger Games series. I'm currently obsessed. As in, stay up until 2 am or ignore my screaming child, obsessed.
I kid. Sort of.

My children are obviously first -- but man, Diet Coke comes in at a close second.
So what would you grab?? 

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  1. This cracked me up. I'd take a hurricane over tornadoes any day of the week!

  2. Hahaha, I love this! I am totally with you on not doing least with hurricanes you have ample warning!

    I would have to make sure I had my computer too, scrapbooks, and Diet Dr. Pepper. Oooohhh, and maybe some chocolate too :)

    Living A Wonderful Life

  3. OMG I am cracking up!!!! I can totally see me being the exact same way. I feel like since having my little one I need disaster (escape) plans for everything. I am always thinking what ifs in my head and that always include random things like my computer and a coke. I mean you have to entertain yourself while waiting!


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