Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Unexpected Fun.

I don't know about you,  but our weeknights are pretty uneventful.
Well, let's rephrase that, uneventful would be an understatement -- diaper explosions, temper tantrums and trying to drown each other in the bath does not qualify for "uneventful".

Since the hubs started flight school two years ago --
and while the boys still go to bed {relatively} early --
are weeknights are pretty much the same.
The hubs gets home, we eat dinner.
Then he studies for HOURS!!!!
After a walk or some "paseball" in the backyard,
I get the kids ready for bed -
Then around 9, the hubs emerges from the study cave,
and we watch some Netflix together before bed.
(while he goes over his flash cards of course!)
Exciting, huh?

So when the hubs came home last night (EARLY!), 
and said "Want to go watch a baseball game?".
I instantly yelled, YES! :) 
Ignoring the fact that the game was at 7 ...
and that's when little H goes to bed, 
or the fact Wild Man hadn't napped and was probably going to be cranky --
those were insignificant details.
I was ready for some good family fun to spice up my week!
I loaded up the diaper bag with snacks,
pulled the dusty picnic blanket out of the garage -
found Wild Man's hat & glove --
and off we went ... to the "paseball game"!

We decided to purchase the lawn tickets,
so that Wild Man could run -
and we could sprawl out! :)
Luckily, it was a cloudy Tuesday - and pretty empty!
Wild Man was in HEAVEN! 
 He ran and played and pretended to be one of the players,
 for THREE hours!! until he crashed ....

Even Little H had fun -
 crawling around, watching his crazy brother!

It was such a nice change of pace!
The boy's first baseball game -- a night we'll never forget!

Have you done something unexpected lately?
A change of pace is good for the soul. :)
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