Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Boys' {shared} Room

So it's not quite done ...
honestly, it will probably never be done --
 but for now - it's done enough! :)
Ready for Photo overload?

 This is the view when you walk in the room ...
Actually - the dresser is yellow now! 
I felt the blue was a bit too boring! :)

This is the left side (Harrison's side)...
I LOVE the yellow!
(you can see more yellow here)
and I'm OBSESSED with the gallery wall.
It's a random collection of lucky finds and DIY art. :)
I love that I can change it up, add or take away!
That lantern belonged to my grandparents!
(and needs to be dusted, whoops!)
I attached an Ikea Spice Rack (that I painted yellow) to the side of the dresser!
It's the perfect place to hold some special books!
He loves to sit in his little chair and read! (again, dresser is now yellow!)

and now the right side of the room -- (Nelson's side)
My husband's favorite part of the room are these vintage WWII posters! 
I found them at a Flea Market in Arlington, VA.
They were in the clearance bin for $10/each!
 Such a steal!!!
 Especially considering they are originals!
Below the WWII posters are two rain gutter bookshelves! 
(It's actually one rain gutter, cut in half!)
These things are seriously the BEST.thing.ever for a kids room.
Do it - you'll be glad you did! :)
Wild Man LOVES to climb up on his bed ...
and pick out his favorite stories to read!
It's just the right height! :)
At the foot of his bed sits this little red chest --
 It's OOOLLDD. It was my great-grandfathers and I just adore it!
Inside I store the boys' clothes for the next season. 
We keep almost ALL of our toys in the playroom --
the only toys allowed in the bedroom have to fit in that blue basket.
(we rotate them often as these are his "quiet time" toys)
The word "FLY" is on the wall by the door! 
I found the letters half off at Hobby Lobby.
(I still need to paint the trim white!!)
 The airplane sheets are from Marshalls or TJMaxx -- 
and the blue comforter was $17 at good old WALLY WORLD!
(It's holding up really well actually, I'm impressed).

So that's the Boys (shared) room!!
(for now, until something changes and then I'll show you!)...
I LOVE their room -- but most importantly - the boys LOVE it!!!
 They LOVE playing cars on the window --
... they LOVE jumping on the bed!
 and they love running back and forth in between the beds!
and that's all that really that matters, right?

What do you think? What am I missing? 
What do you love? What do you hate?

Note:  This will eventually be both boys' room -- Wild Man has the twin bed - and the crib side will go back on the toddler bed to make it a full size crib again. But for now - it's just Wild Man's room. Because let's be honest -- if given the opportunity, Wild Man would jump into H's crib at night and suffocate him. (out of love, of course!) ;)So little H is still in the bassinet in our room... yes, he's almost 9 months old. yes, my husband is SOOO ready for him to move out. yes, it will happen. one day.

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  1. I love the dresser with books on the side! What a fun, great space, great job! Here from Diamonds In The Stuff, and now following


  2. I love all of it! Looks Great! My favourite has to be the art above the dresser!

  3. That looks lovely - great job.

  4. Everything about this room screams awesome!! I am finishing up the toyroom and then moving on to my boys room and this is fantastic inspiration! Thanks for sharing! Would love if you came and shared at my first party!



  5. Love it!! Awesome room! I have a Harrison too :) Beautiful!

  6. I love everything in the room. I myself have two boys one is 8 and the youngest will be 1 on the first of next month and I been looking for some ideas on how to decorate their room and thanks to you I have a good idea now lol also your blog now makes me want to blog. Thank you for everything you have blogged about. ��


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