Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The great summer roadtrip!

Friday is the day!!
The great summer road trip begins! 
We're literally driving across HALF of the country!
See for yourselves ... 
Yup, Oklahoma to CALIFORNIA!!!!
(with a stop in New Mexico and the Grand Canyon!)
Are we crazy? 
22 hours with 2 kids 2 and under?
But we have some VERY special friends that we are dying to see! 
(hey Angie! hey Brittany! hey Mandy! -- see you SOON!)

But that's why I haven't been around this week -
I've been packing --
and making a Road Trip Toy Survival Kit.
and cleaning.
and trying to stay alive.
(bad weather here in Tornado alley). 

But I'll be back with a whole series on ROAD TRIP READINESS!
and an AWESOME giveaway for you mamas with allergy kids!
Any Road trip tips?
Are you going anywhere fun this summer?
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  1. What are you including in your car survival kits? We are taking a long trip as well and I am looking for some toddler ideas.

    1. I'll be posting on that this week! We survived the first half, with plenty to do! :)


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